iOS: New Door Detection feature incoming

Apple has revealed a range of brand new software features paired with the hardware capabilities of the top models of its devices that will assist users who have physical limitations.

The options include door detection, available on both the iPhone as well as the iPad, as well as live captions on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more.

The iPhone is one of the most impressive features tech companies can imagine for specially-abled individuals.

People who have low or no vision, in particular, are at the forefront of accessibility advancements. One recent advancement has been Door Detection, a new feature that informs blind people or those who have low visibility about the characteristics of doors and how to use them.

Here's everything you need to know about it...

What is Door Detection?

One of the greatest difficulties that people with poor vision have to face in an unfamiliar environment is dealing with doors.

This feature could help people who are blind or have poor vision locate a door when they arrive at an unfamiliar location, comprehend the distance they're away from the door, as well as then describe the door's characteristics, such as including whether it's open or closed, as well as when it's closed, and whether it's opened by pushing the knob, turning it, or pulling the handle.

It is also able to read symbols and signs that are on the doors. This makes exploring an area that is not known to someone who is visually impaired easier.

How does the "Door detection" feature work?

The door detection feature of Apple is made up of various sensors and cameras that are available in the latest version of the top-of-the-line versions that are available on the iPhone. It primarily uses sensors like the LiDAR, or Light Detection and the Ranging Sensors, to gauge the distance.

For example, the door is from the user. The phone also makes use of cameras, along with LiDAR sensors as well as the phone's onboard machine learning technology, to read and reinterpret live images.

How do you make use of the door detection functionality?

While the Door Detection feature will be made available shortly when a major update is launched, the concept will be that a visually impaired person will take out the LiDAR-equipped iPhone and examine the area within their immediate surroundings with an application or the camera itself.

The device will read an image, study the various elements of the scene, and calculate the distance from the user.

The device will provide audio messages to the user, leading them to the door. If the scan is done right, it'll be able to inform the users what to do to unlock the door.

Whether they have to pull or push it, as well as other characteristics that will assist them in negotiating between the doors, is much simpler. Be aware that for the door to open, users need to turn on accessibility modes on their respective iPhones.

Apple is also making available several other features that aim at improving accessibility features. In particular, it is introducing many additional features for the Apple Watch which can assist people who are disabled to use their Apple Watch more effectively with their iPhones and vice versa. The company will also add live captions for its accessibility features.

This allows people with hearing difficulties to listen to audio-based content such as phone calls and FaceTime meetings with real-time captions.


There is still no probable date available when this feature will be released. But, we promise to keep you updated on any development.

Hope you liked what you read. We will be back soon with more info but, until then. Stay tuned and have a Good Day!