iOS: Convert songs to a Caller Tune

Are you unable to find a ringtone for your favorite track? Do you not want to spend money on singsongs?

Then you're at the right place. Learn how to create a ringtone using the exact elements of a tune you like in just a couple of minutes, perhaps less.

Below, you'll find a thorough step-by-step instruction that covers all you'll need to know to turn the audio files you have in your collection into the call tone.

Two options are available to choose from, both of which are free. One is using the free GarageBand application for your iPhone, and another is using iTunes on either a Mac or Windows 10.

To turn the catchy tune in to a new ringtone, continue reading.

Converting a piece of music, song, tone to ringtone

To do this you need to follow these 7 simple steps...

1. Find the song

Launch iTunes, then install the latest updates you are asked to install.

The music you wish to use should be present in the iTunes library. If not, click "File > Add File to Library" and then locate the track on your personal computer. or an external drive.

Click it, then choose the option "open". The item will now become part of your iTunes library. Look for it within iTunes and click on it.

2. You can customize the timing

Then, you should listen to the music and decide which portion you'd like to make your ringtone.

It shouldn't last more than 30 seconds, as that's the length that is allowed for the iPhone ringtone.

Right-click on the song, and choose the song's information. Then, open options and then tick the boxes for both the start and stop.

Select the start and finish dates in the boxes and then click OK after you've completed.

3. Make an AAC version

Then, make sure that the song is chosen. Next, make sure that the song is selected on iTunes.

Click "File > Convert" to create an AAC version. The new song will be displayed underneath the original version with the length you've chosen.

If you aren't seeing the option to make the AAC version, head to the Edit tab, then Preferences and Import Settings.

Click the dropdown menu that is next to Import using the AAC encoder. Select "Okay," then click "OK" another time.

Try again to convert.

Before you continue, it's the perfect time to set the stop and start times of the original track to ensure that you don't forget.

Right-click the track, choose the song's information, and then Options Select the ticks you want to remove and click the OK button.

If you do not do this, then the song will play for the length of time you've set during the next step.

4. Find the AAC file.

You must now find the file since you'll need to alter the extension.

Right-click on the duplicate file you've transformed and choose the option to display it using Windows Explorer (on Windows) or Show in the Finder (on Mac).

You'll be taken to a screen that has the AAC file, which will be highlighted.

5. Change the extension.

You must now switch the extension back to the M4R extension.

For this to be done on Windows, simply expand the menu bar of File Explorer by clicking the downwards arrow in the upper-right.

Navigate to the View tab and then tick the File name extensions box.

Choose the song file, right-click on it, choose Rename, and alter the extension back to M4R. Choose Yes at the confirmation prompt.

To achieve this for MacOpen, the file, then navigate to the File menu and select Get Information in the Finder.

Change the extension from M4R in the name and extension sections. Choose M4R at the verification prompt.

6. Transfer Your Ringtone onto Your iPhone

Connect your mobile to your computer through USB and then launch iTunes.

Select the iPhone icon on the left-hand corner to open the file that is stored on the phone.

Next, click Tone under My Device.

From the folder in which you have the file located, drag the file to Tones. The Tones screen of iTunes.

Click to synchronize and then disconnect your device once synchronization has been completed.

7. Set Your Ringtone

On your iPhone, go to Settings. Then, go to Sounds and Haptics > Ringtone.

Then, find the music you just transferred (it should be on or near the left). Press it to make it your ringtone.


And just like that, you can convert any catchy song, music into a ringtone and use it on your iPhone.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!