iOS App Signer for IPA, DEB, APP, xcarchive packages

kuba - Saturday, 14 March 2020
iOS App Signer for IPA, DEB, APP, xcarchive packages

Cydia Impactor is one of the most popular apps to sign IPA files and sideload them on iOS devices. In order to install the signed app to your device, you can also try free iOS App Signer for IPA, APP, DEB, and xcarchive packages. The software is available for Mac OS only.

What is iOS App Signer?

iOS App Signer is a free Mac application to sign IPA, DEB, APP, xcarchive packages and sideload them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. (Re)sign apps and bundle them into IPA files that are ready to be installed on an iOS device. To make the app work Xcode is required to be installed.

iOS App Signer

You need a provisioning profile and signing certificate, from a new project in Xcode. Open up iOS App Signer and select the input file, signing certificate, provisioning file, and optionally specify a new application ID and/or application display name. Download iOS App Signer app.


Version 1.13.1

  • Bug Fix: pass the required full path to checkMachOFile instead of just the file name
  • Revert commit 73f30c6, this was causing some incorrect entitlement IDs

Version 1.13

  • Add the option to skip the plugins folder, this allows for separate signatures for extensions and the main app.

Version 1.12

  • Fix a regression caused by a missing mach-o file magic

Version 1.11

  • The development certificate is kept consistent with the entitlements.plist file generated by xcode when it is packaged, so that it cannot be debugged after re-signing.
  • add IpaSecurityRestriction dylib signing support
  • fix bug: signer uses Dynamic framework can't upload to the app store
  • match mach-o files by content instead of extension
  • add distinct mobileprovision in list

Version 1.10

  • Support for the new deb format
  • Some fixes for high sierra

Version 1.9

  • A couple of bug fixes
  • Check if the required Xcode command line tools are installed before continuing
  • Add support to change the displayed app version number