iOS 15.5: Wallet now supports Apple cards

Apple's Wallet software appears to have just been upgraded to allow users to add an Apple Account Card, which shows the Apple credit amount connected with an Apple ID.

So, now any user who has updated their iPhones to iOS 15.5 will be able to use the Apple Cards simultaneously with their Wallet App.

The News:

A new feature in the iOS 15.5 update is now available. It makes it easier for you to pay for apps, music, and other downloads using your Apple account.

The new Apple Account Card, which is available for iOS 15.5 users via the Wallet app, displays credit balances linked to your Apple ID. It is a replacement for the long-lost iTunes Pass.

Similar to the pass, if Apple credit is available in your App Store or you receive an Apple Store gift certificate, the total can also be consolidated and shown in the Apple Account Card wallet app.

The major difference from the iTunes Pass is that the Apple Account Card can now be used with Apple Pay. This means that if you are at an Apple Store, your Apple ID balance can be used to make a payment.

You can also use the Apple Account Card for apps, games, and music on Apple Music.

Apple claims that the new account card makes it easier to check your Apple ID balance. Apple adds the Apple Account Card almost automatically, unlike iTunes Pass. But what's the downside?

It sounds like an Apple Card, so people are misled into believing that the Apple Account Card is related to the Apple credit card. This is stored in the Wallet App. For what it's worth, the two cards are distinct.

Launch the Wallet app to add an Apple Account Card. To do this, hit the Plus button at the top of the screen. Select Add Apple Account from there and then tap Continue to the next screen.

To add the Apple Account Card, tap Next. However, you will need to have an account balance to proceed. Apple will consolidate your account balance into the Apple Account Card. It will then be available in your wallet, ready for use.

Apple continues to rebrand iTunes Pass as the Apple Account Card. The company removed the macOS Catalina app and divided its functions into three parts: music, TV, and podcasts.

Apple is slowly rolling out Apple Account Card updates to iOS 15.5 users. We can't wait for the WWDC keynote in June to see iOS16 previews.