iOS 15.4: Safari will no Longer Save Passwords Without Apple ID/Usernames.

With every upcoming update, Apple has been trying to make iOS one of the most secure and dependable operating software.

And, the most recent addition to these initiatives is the addition of security patches that will prevent Safari from saving passwords without Apple ID.

In today’s article, we will talk about why and how this new setting will help users and change the way people used Safari to date.

Thus, without further ado.

Let us begin.

The News:

Apple's latest version of the Safari beta will be asking users to enter their usernames while logging in using a saved password to make sure it's the correct password for the person.

The latest Safari update is available for iOS 15.4 and is compatible with iPhone as well as iPad devices, as well as for Mac computers through Mac OS 12.3. In addition, the macOS 12.3 platform is available to users who are not registered.

The founder and CEO of "Flighty App," Ryan Jones, has asked for information online for any updates made to the Safari beta version of its feature that requires a username and a password change.

It's an innovative feature on iOS or macOS since it was not asked for previously, particularly on phones that typically require requests to keep logins.

Jones was able to get an answer to his question from Apple's Software Engineer Manager, Ricky Mondello, speaking about the new Safari beta that includes the feature on the devices.

Safari will save the password before that username "sans the user's name." However, it will only fill in the best guess from the previous login to continue the autofill.

Safari Saved Logins in iOS 15.4, macOS 12.3 Beta

Mondello stated that the company deliberately added this feature to prevent any hassles in the process of logging into users' iOS as well as macOS devices that utilize the Saved Login feature to store inputs.

In addition, this will allow users to be more precise in their logins and help identify the logins instead of using multiple passwords without a unique username to log in to various websites.

The current features in iOS

The latest version of the iOS concentrates specifically on 15.4 for the iPad and iPhone, with 15.4 for the iPhone as well as the iPad, as well as macOS's 12.3 for computers, which brings the operating systems as well as features for the devices.

A bittersweet change for the version of iOS 15.4 is the increased focus on features like Face ID, which will strengthen the function for users but will not provide as much use as Touch ID.

At present, iOS 15.4 includes several features for users who are in the beta version, with the short release being made available to the general public to access and use all the functions it provides.

The latest version comes with many bugs that have been fixed in the version that is currently in use, which includes the Siri bug, which users weren't keen on eliminating. However, it offers a goodbye to the company.

The beta of Apple's iOS is focused on providing numerous options that allow users who want to concentrate on the various features of its landscape and OS to gain a better experience using the devices.

The new Safari feature will ensure that logins are smooth and are intended to benefit the user. Owners can create multiple accounts using different passwords on the same website.

Safari: History, Progress Stats & Competitors

Safari is a visual Web browser designed by Apple. It is built upon free software, mainly WebKit.

It replaced Netscape Navigator, Cyberdog, and Internet Explorer for Mac as the default browser on Macintosh computers. It's compatible with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, and it also has a Windows version that was available from 2007 until 2010.

Safari debuted in January 2003 as part of Mac OS X Panther, and by 2021, it had been upgraded through 15 significant versions. The third version (January 2007) introduced compatibility with iOS devices via the iPhone using iPhone OS 1.

In addition, the Macintosh version came with the fastest performance of the browser at the time.

The fifth version (June 2010) included a more focused reading experience, an extension, as well as developer tools.

Unfortunately, it was also the last version available for Windows.

The eleventh edition (September 2017) was updated to include the support of Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

The 13th version also included security and privacy improvements, like an update to the secure USB FIDO2 key for authentication as well as internet Apple Pay support.

In addition, the 14th version, released in November 2020, was 50% faster than Google Chrome and consumed 50% less energy than competitors of the same type.

Finally, the 15th release (July 2021) is the latest version with a new interface.

Apple employed a remotely updated blocklist of plug-in licenses to stop potentially hazardous or insecure plug-ins from running on Safari.

As a result, at the Pwn2Own contest, held in 2008 at the CanSecWest Security Conference, Safari caused Mac OS X to become among the initial operating systems to fail in a competition to hack.

The OS was criticized due to its proposed approach towards the distribution of software as well as its limitations in the past of ad blockers.

In addition, the Safari Developer Program, which gave members the right to create extensions for Safari, the internet browser, was priced at $99 annually.

In September 2021, it was listed as the second most popular web browser, behind Google Chrome, with an estimated 18.43 percent market share globally and 38.88 percent within the US.


Although this new update may sound very promising on paper yet there are some big unsolved questions that pop up with this new feature.

Firstly, what about the guest account? Will they work?

Secondly, what if always using Apple ID whilst being on the web all the time makes us potential bait to hackers and spammers.

Despite, these issues Apple believes this new method will make Safari better for everyone. And any underlying issues that might pop up in the meantime will be solved indefinitely with further iOS updates from time to time.

Thus, if you have been using Safari without having an Apple ID/ Username.

It's high time to register for one.