iOS 15.4: New emojis are here

A plethora of new emojis will be available at your fingertips thanks to Apple's most recent update. They include everything from beans to a disco ball, lip licking, and, in the most epidemic fashion, the brave face that holds back tears, and much more.

The News:

Apple recently released a brand new update for iPhone users that includes a variety of new features. Apple users were offered the option of upgrading to iOS 15.4 and, after that, owners with an iPhone 12 and above could unlock their phones with face ID when wearing a mask and utilize an assortment of new emoticons.

In the update, Apple provided 37 new emojis, which can be used by iPhone users using WhatsApp to express themselves more effectively.

The brand new iOS 15.4 is supported by iPadOS 15.4, which includes features like the Universal Control feature that allows the use of a single mouse and keyboard on both the iPad and the Mac. It will allow users to drop and drag documents between the iPad and the Mac, and vice versa.

A list of new emojis that are included in the iOS 15.4 update:

  • Half-face salute
  • Melting face
  • Handshake
  • A pregnant man
  • The outline of a face
  • Refraining from crying,
  • Right-hand palm with six skin-tone colors
  • Left-facing palm with six skin-tone colors
  • The palm facing upwards is in six skin-tone tones.
  • A palm facing downward in six skin tones.
  • pointing finger (six different color tones)
  • Snapping (six color tones)
  • Biting lips
  • Hands in a heart gesture (six color tones)
  • Face with crooked lips
  • Smiley faces conceal a smile.
  • Hands-on the mouth:
  • A woman wearing a crown
  • Lotus
  • The nest contains eggs.
  • Empty nest
  • Car wheel
  • An empty jar
  • Pouring liquid into a glass
  • Kidney beans
  • Disco ball
  • Low battery
  • Crutch

What are Android users not getting?

Android users will definitely have the ability to view the new emojis that are sent out by upgraded iPhone devices but won't be able to make use of the new emojis.

This is because the new emojis are in the beta stage for Android users. It is unclear when they'll be able to access the Emojis.

Additionally, Apple launched the iOS 15.4.1 update just a few days after it launched the 15.4 updates that fixed the issue with battery draining that users had complained about.

Apple had stated that the update was aimed at fixing the issue and improving the user experience. However, it did not include any new features.

What is Unicode?

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And that’s all you need to know about the emojis in iOS 15.4

The iOS 15.4 update is out now and we advise all the readers to update their devices ASAP to enjoy a seamless iPhone experience.

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