iOS 15.2.1: What's New?

About a month after the release of iOS 15.2 to the general public, it was a simple enough update that solved some major bugs ad added a few interesting features to iOs 15.1.

But, with time iOS 15.2 started showing some major bugs itself which were so significant that the company had to bring a new update to fix them right away.

And Boom! That’s why iOS 15.2.1 was once launched.

According to Apple, iOS 15.2.1 contains improvements for CarPlay and also sharing photos through Messages.

But, it’s just not about the bugs fixes.

The new iOS 15.2.1 has also brought in some important security patches that will help your device and the older apps to perform securely via being connected to the web.

Here’s everything you should know about iOS 15.2.1

iOS 15.2.1 contains bug fixes for your iPhone including:

  • Photos sent over an iCloud Link may not load in messages.
  • Third-party CarPlay applications won't respond to your input

Apple has also released iPadOS 15.2.1 that is available to iPad users, with the fix for issues where Messages could not display photos that were sent via the iCloud Link.

The release last month of iOS 15.2 was a significant upgrade that was a major upgrade for iPhone users.

It included features for Apple Music Voice Plan, App Privacy Reports in Settings, new security features for Messages, and many more.

The update arrives at the same time that Apple is continuing to beta-test the iOS 15.3 with developers and public beta users.

iOS 15.2 features

Apple Music Voice Plan

A new feature that is a surprise in iOS 15.2 Apple Music Voice Plan is a brand new subscription tier that is available for Apple Music.

Its Voice Plan tier cuts the cost of subscription in half -it comes down to just $5 (PS5 or AU$6) each month -but it is only operated by speaking to Siri instead of manually using Apple Music. Apple Music application.

The features for spatial audio and lyrics aren't available, however, you'll have access to the entire Apple Music catalog.

A new feature namedPlay the song again, lets you see the last song you performed so that you don't have to search the lyrics of a song that you've just heard because you don't know the song's title.

Apple Music playlist search

If you already use Apple Music, iOS 15.2 allows you to search within your playlist for songs.

It's not easy to find initially It's a bit difficult to find --you must go into the playlist and scroll downwards from the screen to show the search bar on top of the image of your playlist.

Communication safety setting

After a delay in the controversial setting Messages, Apple released it in iOS 15.2. The message setting allows parents to enable warnings for their children whenever they receive or send pictures that contain nudity.

These warnings also give children their sources when they get these photographs.

Although the intention of the policy has received overwhelming support Privacy experts say the cost of Apple's practices surpasses the advantages.

Macro Control to take photographs

Anyone using the iPhone 13 Pro or Max is now able to use the ultrawide lens available on these models for taking pictures and videos that are close-up in 15.2.

To enable this feature, go to Settings and then Camera and within this menu, you'll see a toggle labeled Macro Control.

When you toggle it on, you'll see an image of a flower on the screen while taking pictures. Press the flower icon when you're in close proximity to the object in order to enter Macro mode.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps will now show specific road features as bicycle turns, lanes for turning pedestrian crosswalks, and medians in cities that are supported.

New updates for Find My feature.

The latest iOS also comes with updates to the Find My feature.

The update, reported by MacRumors lets you utilize this feature in the Find My app to scan for "Items that Can Track Me," by identifying items in close proximity such as AirTags which are able to transmit information about your location.

Then, you can choose to turn off the tracking feature on all devices that are found.

The update has sparked some debate because it dragged users of the Find My feature in two different directions.

The update seems to be intended to allow users greater freedom in their privacy, by preventing unwanted devices from monitoring them.

But, it could also be a way to undermine the purpose of AirTags in that it could give criminals the power to turn off the tracking of AirTags for stolen items.

Parts and Service History

The update will also let you view the history of repairs within your iPhone by accessing Settings > General > About Service History and Parts.

This new tab will show the service performed at Apple and also whether the parts were purchased from Apple or from an unknown supplier. If you haven't brought your iPhone to the service center it won't show.

New features and other enhancements are also included are included in iOS 15.2

The second beta version of iOS 15.2 beta included the ability to label the Legacy Contact as part of the Apple Digital Legacy program.

The designation of an individual Legacy Contact gives them access to your iCloud account as well as your personal data following your death.

iCloud Plus subscribers can also utilize the Hide My Email feature within the Mail app instead of being bounced around and out. The complete list of updates is available on Apple's developer website.


We advise all our readers to take a look at their devices and look for any bugs that we have mentioned here.

If your device has at least of them be sure to update your device right away to enjoy a seamless iOS experience.

And for others, the new iOS 15.2.1 is 99% identical to its ancestor thus, it’s totally upon you if you want to update your device. But, we would always suggest you keep your devices updated.

Cuz it’s better to safe than sorry.

Good Day!