iOS 15.2: Using

The new iOS 15.2 is has been the latest and by far the best OS upgrade by Apple in the calendar year of 2022.

It has not only solved some major bugs but, also given brand new features to an already cool iPhone.

So, here’s a list of all the highlight features of iOS 15.2 and how you can use them.

Let us begin…

Select your Legacy Contacts

Who would you like to be able to access your images, files, notes, photos, and other information after you're no longer with our company?

You can select at least five people who can access all of this. The first step is to determine whom you want to contact.

Using Legacy Contacts

If you think you're already there and logged in, head to Settings and click on "Your Name" on the upper right of the page.

It will take you into your Apple ID, and on the first page, you will see Password & Security. Scroll down to locate Legacy Contact and choose Add Legacy Contact.

It explains on this page what it means by "legacy contact" and who will be able to access and download information from your account following the death of yours.

It is explained on the next screen when you click the plus icon to add a contact. After you've selected them and are provided with suggestions to kick things off, you'll have to decide on which way to share the access code with them.

You may share it via a message or print the access key out.

Before doing either, we'd suggest talking about this with the person you're hoping to connect with, or perhaps to show that you're planning rather than just a passive way to say there's something wrong and they shouldn't purchase another birthday gift.

Birthdays are a good example.

Apple uses this to verify access at the right time, so Apple recommends that you check the accuracy of your data.

The contact decides to accept and then will receive an access key stored in the Apple ID. What if they don't own an iPhone?

You can print the access code, and it might be worthwhile to save a copy at your discretion.

To access the data, they will require an Apple ID. However, they can create this ID without having an Apple device.

It is important to note that the Legacy Contact Apple ID is only valid for three years following the death of the user.

However, the child will be in a position to notify parents via messages.

Parents must opt-in to this feature through an account shared by the family. It is also possible that the iPhone will be able to scan the messages to find explicit images on the device, so it won't pose a privacy problem.

We're sure that some adults will appreciate this feature as well.