iOS 15.2: Siri is no longer able to rate Songs on voice command

Have you ever thought how different today’s iPhones would be without Siri?

No voice searches, no automated alarms, and no more “How can I help you?”.

From the revolution of the iPhone to the era of 5G Siri has been an important part and parcel of the iPhone family. But, with the arrival of iOS 15.2 things might have taken a dark turn for our beloved voice assistant.

The News

Suppose you are listening to a song on an iPhone or iPad. In that case, you could request Siri to "rate this song five [or whatever number of rating] stars."

The assistant will immediately give you a rating. However, as per various reports from users and tests performed through MacRumors, this is no longer feasible.

Siri's ability to rate music within Apple Music was introduced in the Apple Music application made available in iOS 8. Utilizing Siri's virtual assistant for rating songs is especially useful for listening to music hands-free through CarPlay, exercising while wearing AirPods, and much more.

Information from Reddit, Apple Support Communities, and the MacRumors forums suggest that the issue has been affecting users of various versions of iOS 15 through the latest iOS 15.2 updates that were released in December. Instead of executing the request to rate the song, Siri responds with, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that," or something similar.

At the moment, we aren't sure if the absence of this feature is a deliberate change made by Apple or if the issue is due to a bug that can be fixed with an update or on the server-side.

However, it is vital to know that Apple has implemented a lot of improvements regarding Siri with iOS 15 and iOS 15.2 regarding Apple Music interoperability and other general tweaks.

Apple has made Siri more competent, more responsive, and more secure in iOS 15 with the help of its Apple Neural Engine, which keeps all communication in the app.

Alongside high-quality voice recognition on the device, Siri is also able to support offline use for completing requests without internet connectivity, such as setting alarms, making calls, sending messages, controlling playback of audio settings, changing settings, and launching applications.

In iOS 15.2, Apple introduced the Apple Music Voice Plan, which is a new subscription plan that gives access to music via Siri.

This new subscription plan lets customers have access to 90 million tracks, a multitude of playlists, personal mixes, and much more via Siri commands.

So, if you are in dismay and thinking - Is it the end of Siri? Well, calm your horses down there buddy. Siri’s going nowhere.

She was, is, and will be with us until something better comes along.