iOS 15: Top 5 image Editing apps

Hey there iPhone users!!

It’s been a long time since we have shared with you a list of our top 5 apps. So, here we are.

The new iPhone 13 has turned a lot of heads, thanks to its high-performance cameras and advanced image processing making it one of the best mobile devices for street photography and portraits.

But, in today’s world of fierce competition, you can’t just depend on good hardware. An equally capable software is also mandatory.

Thus, today we have with us a list of the top 5 image editing apps for iOS 15.

Note: Some of the software mentioned in this list might cost you money. Thus, be sure to choose wisely depending upon your need.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a creative image organization, manipulation software developed by the global leaders of utility software Adobe Inc. It gives you a significant, yet elegant and simple solution for editing large numbers of digital images for both beginners and advanced users.

Some of its best features include - a one-tap button for swift quick edits, personalized Adjustment tools for editing, a tool as a ‘healing tool’ for removing the unwanted elements from your picture, and simple adjustment bars for adjusting the exposure, color, and details with just one scroll.

But this is not the most, rather just a beginning of what all lightroom has to offer. Advanced enhancing tools, which include selected enhancing, provide you with complete control over your editing.

If you're acquainted with editing your images on a laptop using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, you'll feel at home with this app which is completely free and available on the App Store with a premium feature of enthusiasts.

2. Afterlight

Afterlight offers extra than a hundred thirty particular filters, over 20 superior tools, and more than 60 overlays with options open to a variety of featured frames and borders.

The app has vivid alternatives, including crop, brightness, and exposure. It also has extra in-depth equipment like tone, selective hue, clarity, and curves. And the best unique part of it is that is you can create your own filters in addition edited to help with batch processing.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is Google’s professional photography editing app. It’s unfastened with free access giving 29 tools and filters.

You can discover, as an instance, restoration, brush, structure, HDR, and perspective correction alternatives. This application gives you the scope to open JPEG and RAW documents, which permits non-negative picture enhancing.

It additionally has an interesting tool called Expand. This function improves the scale of your canvas and fills the new space to fit in and adjust according to the shape of your photograph.

Rotating and cropping your snapshots is just a click away. It gives specific management over brightness stages. You can add drama and vintage appearances with distinctive filters and modes.


VSCO is a clean, free, and user-friendly app that offers an extensive range of modifying alternatives.

Not just will you get masses of possibilities, such as publicity, evaluation, and temperature correction but also furthermore you'll have access to an alignment tool that will also work as a video editor.

You also can join as individuals to get access to their advanced functions, which include the preset library.

5. Superimpose X

Superimpose X is an image modifying app that lets you create surreal photographs. It permits clean-to-use features, so even novices could make pictures that appear like that of an expert professional one. You can edit more than one layer at a concurrent time.

You can create double exposure, or make minor adjustments on clarity or shadows, and even use covers or brushes as per your choice.

Final Words

And those were our top 5 image editing apps for iOS 15 or later.

You can download any one of them and enjoy a hassle-free image editing experience on your iPhone.