iOS 15: Set timer to device turn on/ turn off

Smartphones don’t require to relax often, however, periodically shutting them down and restarting them will be advantageous for your iPhone.

Most people likely attempt restarting or resetting their iPhones while there’s a problem — like apps freezing up or crashing.

And that’s precisely what you need to do in those conditions considering the fact that a difficult reboot can solve many issues and troubles with no other different activities to be made.

Thus, periodic reboots of smartphones actually help them to perform better.

Scheduling your iPhone for Daily Reboot

But even after being aware of all this, what we do is just forget or ignore it.

Well, iOS 15 knew this problem of yours and this is how you'll be able to easily schedule your reboot time whenever you wish to. Following are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Activator’ section in the settings

Step 2: Click on the ‘Anywhere’ section

Step 3: Next, go to the ‘Build’ option exactly at the right top corner of your screen

Step 4: Scroll down and add ‘new event’

Step 5: Scroll down and click schedule

Step 6: As the name suggested, you will have to schedule the timing and date as per your
preference. So ‘select date and time’.

Step 7: Click on the ‘Save’ button on the right top corner of your iPhone screen

Step 8: Now you are done with the basic steps. Go back to the ‘Anywhere’ section and you’ll
find your fixed scheduled event in the ‘Scheduled’ section.

Step 9: Select your event. A whole new screen pops in front of your eyes.

Step 10: The event will be marked in the ‘Currently Assigned to’ section as ‘Unassigned’

Step 11: So what we need to do is to assign a reboot function to this event at your desired time,
let’s say 10 pm.

Step 12: Scroll down until you find ‘Reboot’ in the long list of scheduled features provided to
you by iOS 15.

So that’s it and you are all set to give your iPhone a private time to relax and refresh itself.

So as you can guess basically what this will do is that it will reboot your IOS 15 device every day at your set time and date or whichever days of the week as per your choice.


And just like that, you can schedule your iPhone for a daily reboot.

A Daily reboot will not only replenish the systems and software but also prevent the overuse of resources and promote better battery life for your iPhone.

Thus, we advise all iPhone users to reboot their devices a couple of times every week.