iOS 15: Privacy at its pinnacle

The first half of 2021 has passed in a jiffy and the next quarter of the year brings in new hope and promises. The second half of a year is usually the time when most electronic producers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc release their new products and technologies.

Numerous Fall Events, Super Sales, etc take place during the second half or third quarter of a year. So we find it is the best time to discuss some upcoming devices and technologies with you.

Today we are going to talk about iOS 15. The new and improved Operating System which one can see on iPhones and iPads. According to Apple, the new iOS 15 is going to be a massive step up from its predecessor iOS 14. As this time with the iOS 15 Apple is not trying out some funky stuff that is going to act as a gimmick but, they are getting back to the basics. According to numerous reports from Apple themselves, iOS 15 is going to be the most secure and safe mobile operating system in the world.

Over the years Apple has spent millions on designing interfaces that preserve sensitive information about its users and iOS 15 might just be the final step they have to take to achieve the feat.

What’s new with iOS 15

Over the months, numerous leaks have come up on the internet about iOS 15. Some talked about a new Audio Assistant, while some talked about a new viewfinder and grid display of the camera module. But all these rumors were put to a full stop when Apple launched the beta version of their new iOS 15.

This beta version did not have anything crazy going on about it but, it was a superior OS to iOS 14. The new iOS 15 beta:

  • Functioned more efficiently with the new M1 Chipsets of Apple
  • Fixed some bugs that the old iOS 14 was suffering from.
  • Housed some of the best privacy protection features.
  • Felt more robust and expandible.

And with the full version of iOS 15 on its way we can surely expect some of the following features:

1) Lack of compatibility with social media apps like Facebook

In one of our previous articles, we have thoroughly talked about the war between Apple and Facebook, and with the new iOS 15, Apple is going to completely prevent social media apps like Facebook from functioning on iOS.

Most social media apps use the data of their users to make money. They constantly collect user data and sell them to numerous product manufacturers and third-party apps that later target those same users to sell their products. This had been the primary practice of social media apps for over half a decade. But, not anymore.

iOS 15 will come with top-notch privacy protection software that will immediately warn users about any data extracting activities. According to Apple, its new privacy protection software can detect even the smallest instances of tracking and data mining and stop them at their roots.

2) Mail Privacy Protection

This feature of iOS promises to give complete control over their sensitive information over emails and other digital messages. The Mail Privacy Protection:

  • Hides your IP Address so senders can’t trace you any or any of your online activities.
  • It completely hides your location so that no one can live-track your location by any means.
  • It prevents senders from seeing if and when you have opened your emails.
  • It prevents any spam messages from ever popping up in your Inbox.

With the Mail Privacy Policy, Apple is sure it can fix up to 30% of data leaks that happen while someone is online.

3) Safari Privacy Policy

Safari is considered to be one of the fastest and safest web browsers in the world. And with the new iOS 15 update, the privacy factor is going to reach its pinnacle.

Whenever you visit a new website you might see a notification popping up saying - “We want to place a cookie on your so that we could serve you better”. To normal eyes, nothing is threatening about this notification. But, what’s threatening is what lies underneath. These so-called cookies of a website act like a tracker that collects your data as you are browsing the web. Later the collected data is sold to other retailers and apps.

But, with the new Safari Privacy Policy, you can completely prevent anyone from tracking you online. The new privacy update will:

  • Instantly block any threats and viruses from popping up on your email address.
  • It will hide your IP address from any website so no one can keep a track of your online activities.
  • It will immediately alert you about a website that is trying to secretly drop a cookie on you

4) Safari Privacy Report

An extension of the Safari Privacy Policy. The Safari Privacy Report option will be available on the setting option of the Safari web browser. It will show you:

  • Data about which website has tried to place a cookie on you.
  • List of tracking websites that are prevented from profiling you and sending you any messages.
  • Percentage of messages and pings blacklisted.
  • Which websites were trying to access your IP address or location, etc.

The Safari Privacy Report will also let you control your digital footprint so that you can allow selected websites to track you.

5) App Privacy Report

This is not a new feature in iOS as the iOS 14 also had a similar feature. But, the App Privacy Report of iOS 15 is way better than its predecessors.

The new App Privacy Report will:

  • Give you an overview of how installed apps treat your privacy.
  • Notify you which app is trying to secretly track your digital presence and online activities.
  • Warn you when an app is consuming abnormal resources and forcing the device/ OS to malfunction.
  • Warn you when an app is secretly using up your mobile or cellular data to send messages or downloading updates.

To know about the new Privacy Report. Click "here"...

6) On-Device Speech Recognition

A brand new feature that will make sure your audio commands are saved and synced properly so that no other voice can activate your iPhone.

On-Device Speech Recognition technology uses frequency modulation techniques to get the most precise pitch of your voice.

7) iCloud +

This new feature is supposed to officially be announced along with the new iPhone 13. The iCloud+ will have:

  • Better syncing facilities
  • Better software support
  • Better remote connectivity
  • Better security with end-to-end encryption of files saved on iCloud+

8) Private Relay

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the list. This feature makes sure that no one, not even Apple can track and intercept any message that you send to someone.

Private Relay makes sure that the traffic leaving your device is always sent to the sender with utmost precision and privacy.

9) Updated Weather Apps

The new iOS 15 provided new calculation modules for weather apps so that you can get real-time reading about weather conditions that are precise to the 100th of a degree Celsius/ Fahrenheit.

Final Words

As the release date of iOS 15 is nearing the limits of our excitement is losing its bounds. Hope you too are equally excited about it. Every new innovation brings new hopes and possibilities and we just hope the new iOS 15 makes our lives better by protecting our privacy.