IntelligentPass 4 Jailbreak

The best way to keep your iPhone or iPad secure is by using a passcode or by using a biometric authentication method such as a Touch ID or a Face ID. But we all know that we don’t need such high-level security in every situation especially if you are just at home.

If you would like to spare yourself the effort of entering the passcode or authenticating yourself with the help of Touch ID or Face ID to use your device when you are in a relatively secure environment, then you should check out this new and slick jailbreak tweak known as IntelligentPass 4 by iOS developer Geometric Software.

IntelligentPass 4 is simple to use and it simply pauses the requirement to authenticate or enter a passcode to use a device when you are in a low-risk environment. It automatically detects when you leave the low-risk environment such as your home and re-enables the authentication or the passcode requirement to enter your device.

How does the tweak manage this? Well, it lets the user specify a safe Wi-Fi network so, when your device connected to this Wi-Fi network with the specified SSID, it disables the need to authenticate yourself. Another way to manage this is by using the tweak to pause the passcode/authentication requirement when your device is connected to a Bluetooth accessory or set some schedule for it.

After installing this tweak, you can configure it from the preference pane in the Settings app. Here, you have the following configuration options available to you:

  • Turn on or off IntelligentPass 4 whenever you want
  • Manage persist authentication
  • Turn on or off IntelligentPass 4 when the device is connected to a Bluetooth device
  • Input the Bluetooth device names that you would like to use with IntelligentPass 4
  • Turn on IntelligentPass 4 when you are using an app to play the media
  • Input the names of the apps to turn on IntelligentPass 4 when you are listening to playback
  • Turn on IntelligentPass 4 on schedule
  • Input the timeframe for which you would like the authentication/passcode to be disabled
  • Turn on IntelligentPass 4 when it is connected to a few Wi-Fi networks
  • Input the names of the Wi-Fi network for which you would like to turn on IntelligentPass 4
  • Configuring extra options in the tweak

With so many configuration options, you can easily manage the tweak to suit your needs and can decide when the authentication or passcode needs to be enabled or disabled. This way, you will be able to access your handset easily in low-risk environments.

As it must be evident from the name, IntelligentPass 4 is the fourth version of this tweak and offers support for jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 14 devices as well. If you wish to try out this jailbreak tweak, then you can download it from the Geometric Software repository for $2.99 using your favorite package manager.

Do you wish to manage the biometric and passcode authentication more closely too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!