How to lock and unlock files, folders and Desktop on Mac

How to work with locked and unlocked files and folders on Mac

In the era of digital digitalization keeping the files and folder secure is very important, and that's why you need to apply a lock on the files' folder present on your desktop on Mac.

Keeping the files and folders protected with a password is a great thing, but what if someone moves it, edits it, or deletes it. One of the things you can do to avoid such mistakes in your Mac is to lock your files, folders, and your desktop.

This prevents unwanted changes. This process doesn't require a password; it's just a simple lock to keep you at a place and prevent others from editing, moving, or deleting the file or folder.

Locking files, folders, and desktop on Mac

You can lock a close file or folder by simply right-clicking on the folder and navigating to get info. In the information box, check the box for lock, and your close file will be locked.

You can even lock an open file by clicking an arrow next to the filename on the window top. You can check the box for lock and lock your open file.

To lock and open the folder, Go to the folder, open it and click on File > Get Info and click on the info window.

A desktop is also a folder like other folders, so you can lock it. Right-click on the blank spot on your desktop and select the get info option. A desktop information box will appear. Check the box for lock in the window, and your desktop will be locked.

Working with locked documents

While working with locked documents, you may see some additional options. For instance, while deleting an item, you may receive a message that will inform you that your folder or file is locked, and it will ask for your confirmation before deleting it.

If you try to move a locked folder or file, the original file will remain intact in its position, but a copy of it will move to the new place.

If you try to delete the file or folder, a popup will appear informing you that the file has been locked, and you need to create a duplicate copy of it or unlock it to edit it.

Unlocking the documents

Unlocking the documents has the same method as locking them; you just need to uncheck the box for locking.


Locking the document has many advantages, and you can do it easily by following these methods.