How to use X-Ray on Kindle

If you are a new kindle user, then you may not be aware of the X-ray on kindle. Just like an X-Ray is used to penetrate the skin and look into our internal bony structure, the kindle X-ray also provides you a deep insight into the book.

X-Ray in books penetrates deep and provides detail of characters, terms, or even individual images. Many Kindle books are available with an X-Ray feature, but some of them even lack it.

You can check the X-Ray feature of a book even before buying it by enabling the X-Ray feature in the Product Details section. Unlike Wikipedia, an X-Ray feature works even without the internet.

How to use X-Ray on Kindle?

  • Access the toolbar in the menu by tapping on the screen.
  • Click on the X-ray option in the menu bar. If the X-ray option is greyed out, it means it is unavailable in your book.
  • Your X-Ray feature will open, and its options will be sorted into the menu like All, People, Terms, and Images.
  • Tap the tab to view the details of the page. The number of characters, mentions, and locations will be displayed in the book.
  • You can select any mention and go directly to the spot in the book. You can also select to see more to access the additional features of the book.


Once you are done using the X-ray feature, you can turn it off by tapping on the cross button. Use this feature to get in-depth knowledge of every page you read on kindle.