How to Use Apple Watch's Fantastic Nightstand Mode

There was a time when alarm clocks used to be near the bedside, and then eventually, watches shifted from pockets to our wrists. And nowadays, our watches are smart as well!

When we talk about smartwatches, Apple Watch has been among the most sought-after premium smartwatches. They have everything that can demand from a watch in 2021.

Apple has shipped a new feature in the Apple Watch called Nightstand Mode that does the magic. The features of this watch make it unbeatable, unique, and extraordinary from other watches in the market. Before we talk about How to Use Apple Watch's fantastic nightstand mode, Let's get to know about the alarm clock app on Apple Watch.

It has an alarm clock. It is not as difficult as it seems. We just need the device to vibrate or make sounds at a particular time. Now, whenever you have an Apple product, you always have Siri with you. Ask her to do it. Say it, and your work is done. For example - Hey Siri, Set a repeating alarm for 8 am.

How can you set an alarm on the Apple Watch?

Follow the steps in chronology -

1. First of all, Just open the Alarm app on the Apple Watch. You will easily recognize the alarm app as it would have a logo or symbol resembling a clock or time.
2. Simply tap to add an alarm on the watch.
3. Don't forget to click AM or PM, accordingly. Later, set the hour and minutes too.
4. Kindly turn the Digital Crown to adjust, then tap to Set.
5. Tap the alarm time to work accordingly to you. Tapping the alarm time is to set label, repeat or snooze options.

Tip: If you want your alarm to be a silent one, Tap on silent. Your alarm will vibrate or flash the watch screen to remind you of the set time without creating enough noise.

How to delete a set alarm?

Why do you want to delete the alarm? Oh, It's no more in use. Let's see how to delete it.

1. Again, Open the alarm app on the watch.
2. Select the particular alarm that you want to delete.
3. Scroll down; you will get the delete option. Go with the option, and your work is done.

How to view the same Alarm on Apple Watch and iPhone?

Apple users have one thing in common. They want their watches to be their other iPhones, and so it is.

1. Open the app and set the alarm on your iPhone.
2. If you have the watch too, You'll have the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, too. Open it.
3. Then, tap on My Watch, tap the Clock, then simply turn on the Push Alerts from iPhone.
4. Your Apple Watch will alert you when the alarm goes off. You can snooze or dismiss the alarm according to your needs. But you won't be notified on your iPhone if your alarm goes off.

How to skip Snooze?

Snoozing is one of the best times in the morning. During the beeps of the alarm on your watch, it will ask for a snooze. Tap on it if you want. But if you do not allow Snooze. Follow these instructions

1. Open the alarm app on the Apple watch.
2. Tap on the specific alarm in the list of alarms, then simply turn off Snooze to keep yourself away from the snoozing time.

How to use Apple Watch NightStand Mode?

Now, technology has replaced even the normal clocks from our houses. People don't bother to buy any of those old-fashioned nightstand clocks, so what to do now? Apple is Apple. You can literally set your smartwatch like a nightstand clock.

1. Kindly open the Settings app on your smart Apple Watch.
2. Click to General, then jump to the Nightstand mode option and turn it on. Now, your watch is a clock till you want it to be.

If you want to disable it, you can do that by going back to the setting and turning the Nightstand Mode off.