How to use Ahref tool for SEO Optimisation

Online Competitions have increased tremendously, and to increase your site, you need to add extra effort. Good content is always the top highlight of a website, but apart from that, SEO can contribute heavily to your website ranking.

What is SEO optimization, and why is it important?

In simple terms, SEO or search engine optimization is the ease by which Google can find your website. The more a website will be SEO optimized, the higher it will rank. The highest-ranking websites grab 70% of the clicks.

What is Ahref?

Ahref is a paid SEO tool that helps you grow and increase your website rankings. It provides free learning to everyone interested in SEO and websites.

Ahref also has a community and support of people related to websites and SEO.

How to use Ahref?

If you have invested a lot of money and time in your website but still not getting traffic, this can be frustrating. Ahrefs simplify your jobs and provide solutions to all your problems under one roof at minimal prices.

Ahref can help you in multiple ways.x All you need to do is to get its subscription. You can also opt for a trial before committing yourself to a monthly subscription for just $7.

Learn from your competitors

Ahref tools allow you to look for content opportunities on your competitor’s website. You will get a chance to learn about new topics, and you can also learn about the site structure of broader topics.

Research the backlinks

The tools of Ahref allow you to share the quality of the backlink and helps you understand how your competitor got its quality backlinks.

Low competition and high traffic

Ahref content explorer helps you identify such topics which have low competition and high competition. The tool also suggests keywords related to your topic.

Keyword research

Ahref tools show the keyword research by analyzing 10 different sites.

Learn from the master

You can learn from the top writers and contribute to your pages. It also has other features like domain writing and new link-building opportunities. It helps analyze competition and understand what the customer wants.

Track your progress

Using Ahref tools, you can track your progress and growth. It has a rank tracker that will allow you to keep an eye on your website’s performance.


Ahref provides professional results at a very nominal price. It allows you to learn and grow, and the best thing is that it teaches you by analyzing the masters in this domain.