How to take a screenshot on iPhone without buttons

On your very own iPhone, here's how to take a screenshot without using the Home button, side keys, or any other buttons.

One of the main button combinations on your iPhone that everyone should know is how to take a screenshot. Pressing the Home and Power buttons together on an iPhone model with a Home button would catch everything on the screen. If your iPhone doesn't have a Home button, you can use the Side and Volume Up buttons together as a shortcut.

But what if one or more of these buttons on your iPhone is malfunctioning? You may not be able to take screenshots in that situation. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Without using any of the Home, Power, or Volume Up keys, we'll show you how to take screenshots on your iPhone.

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone using Assistive Touch

To begin, make sure AssistiveTouch is turned on on your iPhone. This is an accessibility feature that lets you control many of your iPhone's functions through a software menu rather than using buttons. It's helpful for people who have trouble pressing buttons or if a button on your iPhone is broken.

To use it, go to Settings > Accessibility and select Touch from the Physical and Motor section. Select AssistiveTouch and switch it on using the slider at the top of the panel. A white dot overlay button will appear on your computer as a result of this.

When you press the AssistiveTouch button, a menu appears with easy access to a variety of functions. Select Customize Top Level Menu to quickly add screenshot features to the menu.

Choose Screenshot from the list of acts after tapping an icon you'd like to replace. If you prefer, you can add another icon to Screenshot by pressing the Plus button and creating a new shortcut.

Alternatively, pick the Double-Tap or Long Press options from the main AssistiveTouch menu and set them to Screenshot. This is even more convenient because you don't have to open the menu to use the feature—all you have to do is press the button.

How to take screenshots on an iPhone without buttons

You can currently take screenshots on your iPhone without using any keys. Simply choose Screenshot from the AssistiveTouch menu or use your assigned tapping shortcut to take a screenshot on your iPhone.

It's worth noting that the AssistiveTouch button will not appear in a screenshot. You have the option of dragging the button to either corner of the screen. You can adjust the shortcut's Idle Opacity on this menu to keep it mostly hidden if you don't use it for something else most of the time.

You may combine yet another iPhone accessibility shortcut to cover the AssistiveTouch button when you aren't using it for even more ease. You can configure two actions that happen when you press twice or three times on the back of your iPhone in Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap on supported iPhone models.

With some quick taps on the back of your screen, you'll be able to turn on and off the AssistiveTouch feature. This is an extra measure, but it will keep your screen free of obstruction if you just take screenshots occasionally.

For more details, see our iPhone Back Tap guide. If you want to skip the AssistiveTouch phase, you can set Back Tap to take the screenshot.

Several ways to take a screenshot on an iPhone

And if you can't use the standard button combination, you now know how to take a screenshot on your iPhone. Keep in mind that you can take screenshots on your iPhone in a variety of ways, including by asking Siri.

Otherwise, when you're willing, consider replacing your iPhone. After a while, working around a broken button becomes tedious