How to stop sharing photos from iCloud Photo sharing services

Photo sharing in iPhone devices was previously known as shared photo streams; however, now they are referred to as shared albums. Shared albums are a part of the iCloud Photo sharing service. One can always control which albums they want to share through this service and stop sharing if they wish to.

In this article, learn about how one can stop sharing albums in Photos and control what they share over third-party apps, groups, or more. Therefore, without wasting time, let's get started!

How to stop sharing photos from sharing services?

When we talk about sharing albums, there are two types of shared albums- one is an album that users can create in photos application, and the other is one that someone else has created through sharing services to which you might have subscribed. The photos and videos present in these albums are separate copies of those that are present in the camera roll or iCloud Library.

This also means that deleting any shared albums has no incidence on the camera roll or iCloud Library. Furthermore, shared albums do not take up space on any iCloud storage space. Here are few steps that one can follow to completely stop the sharing of albums.

  • Open the settings applications present on your mobile device.
  • Now select application settings of 'photos and camera' present in the settings application.
  • Further, navigate to iCloud Photo sharing and switch it off if it is on.

How to delete or unsubscribe from shared albums?

If your goal is to completely get rid of the shared albums, then deleting them is an option. You can either completely delete all the shared albums that you created or unsubscribe from the shared albums created by others that you are no longer interested in.

However, here is what you should know before deleting any shared albums prima facie:

  • Deleting shared albums that you were the owner of will remove all the photos and videos stored in them, and automatically all the participants will be unsubscribed. People who have subscribed will no longer be able to access any photo or video and will lose them unless they have privately made a copy of it explicitly.
  • If you are a subscriber of any shared album, unsubscribing would mean that your iCloud account will get affected. You would lose access to all the media, i.e., photos and videos that were available in them.

Here are steps that you can follow to delete or unsubscribe from a shared album:

  • Navigate to the photo's application
  • Tap on shared and then click edit.
  • Select the no-entry sign that will appear red with a horizontal line in it.
  • Tap on delete for shared albums made by you and unsubscribe to leave shared albums created by others.


One can always control what activities they wish to share with third parties or others. All that is needed is a little education over it. It is also essential to check on privacy and permissions in third-party applications, as most of them use photo and media permissions. Follow this article that elaborates on steps of restricting sharing an album in photos or media and protect device privacy at all times.