How to Stay in Touch With Your Family After College

Ah, college… The place where you make lifelong friends, learn to live on instant noodles, and finally master the art of procrastination. But as those magical years come to an end, reality hits, and it's time to start adulting in the real world. One of the biggest challenges can be staying connected with your family once you've flown the nest.

The transition from college to post-grad life can be a bumpy one, as you trade late-night study sessions for early-morning meetings and swap dorm rooms for studio apartments. It's an exciting new chapter, but it's also easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from your family as you settle into your new routine. In this article, we'll share ten tips to help you maintain those crucial family bonds even when you're miles apart and adulting like a pro.

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Sync Your Calendars for Virtual Family Date Nights

In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it's easy to let time slip away. Make staying in touch a priority by setting up a virtual family date night. Sync your calendars, set a recurring date, and choose a platform like Zoom or FaceTime for your virtual gatherings. You can even plan themed nights, like a Netflix party or a digital game night, to keep things interesting!

Embrace Your Inner Social Media Guru

You know the drill - you're already on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Use your social media savvy to stay in touch with your family. Create a private Facebook group or a shared Instagram account to post photos, updates, and inside jokes.

Don't forget to tag your family in memes or share funny TikTok videos that remind you of home. There's nothing like some good old social media love to make everyone feel included.

Road Trips, Vacations, and Surprise Visits - Oh My!

As much as technology helps us stay connected, nothing beats seeing your loved ones in person. Plan road trips or vacations to spend quality time with your family, even if it's just for a weekend. Better yet, surprise your family with an impromptu visit when you can. The memories you create together will be worth their weight in gold.

Throw Epic Virtual Family Events

Don't let distance stop you from celebrating life's milestones with your fam. Organize virtual family events like birthday parties, baby showers, or even Sunday brunches. Make the occasion extra special by sending out e-invites, decorating your space, and coordinating menus. The more effort you put into these virtual gatherings, the more memorable they'll be.

Create a Family Newsletter or Vlog

Why not put those Buzzfeed-inspired skills to work and create a family newsletter or vlog? Share your life updates, funny stories, and accomplishments with your loved ones. Encourage your family members to contribute too! It's an engaging and interactive way to keep everyone in the loop, and who knows - you might even become the next viral sensation!

Rediscover the Lost Art of Snail Mail

In a world dominated by digital communication, a handwritten letter or a cute postcard can warm anyone's heart. Channel your inner Jane Austen and write letters to your family members, sharing your experiences and feelings. You can even throw in some cute stickers or doodles to make it more personal. Trust us; your family will treasure these tokens of love.

Start a Family Book Club or Hobby Group

Nothing brings people together like shared interests. Start a family book club, workout challenge, or cooking group to bond over your hobbies. You can discuss your latest reads, share fitness goals, or swap recipes in a dedicated group chat. It's a great way to stay connected while doing what you love.

Give Your Fam-Bam Some Extra TLC

Hey, we get it. Adulting can be tough, but the secret sauce to keeping your family close is putting in some good old-fashioned effort. Be the one to reach out and let your family know how much you appreciate their love and support. It doesn't take much - a sweet text, a genuine thank-you, or even a virtual high-five can work wonders. Just remember, relationships are like gardens - they need a little TLC to thrive.

Welcome Your Family to Your New World

So, you've carved out a new life after college - that's pretty rad! Now it's time to share your newfound world with your family. Bring them into the loop by introducing them to your friends, taking them on a virtual tour of your fave hangout spots, and giving them the lowdown on your day-to-day adventures. The more your family feels connected to your world, the stronger your bond will be. Plus, who doesn't love a little show-and-tell?

Celebrate Achievements and Share Struggles

Your family is your support system, and it's crucial to share both the highs and lows of your life with them. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and turn to them for advice or comfort when you're going through tough times. This openness will strengthen your bond and make your relationship more authentic.


Staying connected with your family after college doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity, effort, and a whole lot of love, you can keep your family ties strong even as you navigate the adult world and tackle various assignments that come your way.

So, grab your phone, open up your calendar, and start planning that virtual family date night. Your fam-bam will thank you, and you'll be grateful for the love and support they provide, even from afar. By making time for your family amidst your busy schedule and responsibilities, you'll be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and nurture the relationships that truly matter.