How to share Voice Memos on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Typing notes can sometimes be tiring, so the best alternative for them is voice memos. Voice memo on iPhone, iPad and Mac is a useful tool that allows easy note-taking and sharing through voice memo.

Sharing voice memo on iPhone/iPad

To share a voice memo on iPhone/iPad, open the app and follow this simple step

  • Access your share sheet and start recording; swipe right to left to enable recording.
  • Click on more and choose share from the list.
  • The share window will pop up, and you can select a person or an app to share your voice memo.

Sharing voice memo on Mac

Sharing your text message in the form of a voice memo is very simple in Mac; just follow these steps.

  • Go to the voice memos and select the recording you want to share; click on the share button present at the top or right-click and move your cursor to share it.
  • Hit send button, and your voice memo will be shared through the mail, messages, AirDrop, notes, reminders, or other options.


Voice memo allows you to capture your thoughts, record a meeting, list your thoughts and messages. There are many other things to do with a voice memo, and you can collaborate with other apps to use your voice memo.