How to rename your AirTag and set an expressive emoji using your Apple device?


In April 2021, Apple launched its most awaited tracking device named AirTag. It is used to find the devices. These are tiny tracker apps that can be attached to your personal belongings and can be tracked in case they are lost from your sight. It can be attached to keys, files, bags, etc. They are operated by Bluetooth.

You can set up your Air Tag device using Find My App from your Apple devices.

If you have AirTags devices and want to set up for your accessories, then scroll down to this article to customize your AirTag with a name and an expressive emoji.

Why customize your AirTag?

There is a probability that you will be using more than one AirTag on your Apple devices. To differentiate between them, it is important to customize your AirTag with their brand-new names and expressive emojis, and others.

You can name them with the device you attach, for example, car keys, laptop bag, or your file. Just use Siri voice command and say 'Hey Siri Find My Car Keys' and here there you go. Your keys right at your sight.

Follow the steps to change your AirTag name and set an expressive emoji.

How to rename your AirTag and set an expressive emoji using your Apple device?

You can customize your AirTag with your name, or you can set up a built-in name from the app.

To rename your AirTag makes you it is properly set up-

  • Open Find My App on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • Navigate to the item tabs in the mobile app.
  • Choose the AirTag you want to customize. Click on Rename Item.
  • Set a custom name for your AirTag.
  • For an expressive emoji, click on the circular emoji section in the text field.
  • Select an expressive emoji from the emoji picker.
  • Tap on Done to save the changes.

You are all set. Your AirTag will show the new name and emoji. While using, you have to mention the given name to Siri voice request to find the AirTag.

Closing Thoughts

AirTag is the most-awaited and innovative device launched by Apple. Suppose you are late for a meeting, or it is almost time to catch your flight, and you are missing something important. AirTags are the savior for you. You can find the items in no time using your Apple device. Shout out to Siri, and the rest work will be done within seconds. Right now, it takes more than 30 seconds to locate an item present in the other room while it will find the items quickly for no interference.

The AirTags are rolled out in the market, which cost around $29 for a single piece. They are compact, lightweight, and handy if you are planning to get one of them. Surf through the Apple official website or go to the nearest Apple Store to get one.