How to redress your iPhone 11 Battery

What is Battery redress?

Battery redress, also known as battery recalibration, is a process to correct the battery statistics and the incorrect battery time.

If you are an iPhone user, you might have noticed that your iPhone battery drains abruptly after 1-2% without even when it is idle. With battery recalibration, it can optimize the battery life of the phone.

What does battery redress do?

The three features of battery redress are:

  • It enhances the battery condition, which means it improves the battery's performance so that you can use it for a longer duration.
  • It helps the iOS to calculate the battery percentage precisely. After recalibration of the battery, the OS will be more accurate in calculating the battery usage for the phone.
  • Enhance battery life. It will last for a longer time. You don't have to drain additional money for replacing a battery soon.

How to redress your iPhone 11 Battery?

1. Keep using your phone until the battery gets completely drained. Let the phone turns off automatically.

2. Keep the phone overnight for additional battery drainage. It will suck out more battery in a night.

3. Now plug in your changer. Please use an Apple charger with the same power requirements. Avoid using any other charge; it might harm the battery further. Using of original Apple Charger is mandatory.

3. Wait for it to power on. When it turns on, switch off the phone again.

4. Do not panic if you don't see the charging led indicator on your phone. Keep your phone at charging for straight 5 hours.

5. Switch on your phone while it is charging. Once it gets on the force, restart your phone.

For iPhone 11 user:

1. Press the volume up the bottom.
2. Next, press the volume down button. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo flashes.
3. When you see the Apple logo, remove the charging cable.

However, after updating to 14.5, the redress process automatically starts.

1. Open iPhone settings and tap on settings.
2. Click on battery health.
3. You'll see a banner about the battery recalibration.

Battery recalibration takes few weeks to complete to keep the battery at its peak performance so that the battery can use for its maximum capacity. After installing iOS 14.5, you will not see the degraded battery notification.

Wrapping Up

Redress of battery is essential for its peak performance and to use your phone for a long time. In case you are wondering when to redress your battery then, you are advised to do it once in a while after the iOS update. Or if you will notice an unusual battery drain, then your phone needs a battery recalibration.

In case, after recalibration, your phone will experience battery drain, or you think battery recalibration doesn't work for your battery, then it is time to replace your iPhone battery with a new one. However, the company is working on improving the battery life of the devices since the older iPhone gets throttling issue. Let's hope we don't get a battery replacement shortly.