How to recover recently deleted photos on Mac

If you have accidentally deleted a photo on your Mac, then restore running it is not that hard.

Mac has a lot of users that are used by amateur or professional photographers, and it pays attention to all they need.

It offers plenty of space to recover recently deleted photos.

You can use these ways to recover your photos from trash even if you have emptied the trash.

1st method to recover recently deleted photos on Mac

The first and easiest way to restore the photos is the undo option. The undo option should be used immediately after deleting the photos. There are two ways to undo an action.

  • Step 1: Go to the edit menu on the home screen and select the 'undo move' option.
  • Step 2: You can directly use some keys to undo your action. Select Command+C to undo your move.

2nd way to recover recently deleted photos on Mac

This method can help you easily recover your deleted photos. Open the photos app and navigate to the recently deleted tab. Select the photos that you want to restore and hit the restore icon. The photo will get restored to its original location

3rd way to recover recently deleted photos on Mac

You can also use a terminal to retrieve your deleted photos. Move to Finder and select the application tab and scroll down and click on utilities. A window will pop up on the screen. Enter your command in the terminal application and execute it to restore the file.

4th way to recover recently deleted photos on Mac

The above three methods are helpful if you have not emptied your trash. However, if you have deleted all the files from trash, this method will help you in recovering that deleted photos.

Use a data recovery tool on your Mac called 'AnyRecover'. Download this app for your Mac from its official website. Launch the app and follow the instructions provided on the screen. Select trash and click on recover.

This process may take time, but the recently depleted photos will be recovered through this method.


Recover recently deleted photos by following any of these simple 5 methods. The process is easy to follow and implement.