How to measure the audio levels of Headphones on iPhone and iPad to protect your hearing

Do you know that the headphone audio level measuring tool in your iPhone and iPad can help prevent hearing loss? The feature alerts the user whenever the sound level features about the safe level?

In the iOS 13 and watchOS 6 software updates, the iPhone user used to get a notification whenever they are being exposed to high volume levels through their headphones for a long period.

Another feature is used to detect loud volume present in the surrounding with the help of a health sensor and notify the user about it.

In the iOS and iPadOS 14.2, the features have been updated, and the user receives a notification when high audio levels reach a limit and could potentially damage the hearing capacity.

What should you know to protect your ears?

For protecting your ears, you must be aware of the volume levels. Sound levels are generally measured in A-weighted decibels, and the volume level below 80 decibels is considered ok for ears and does not affect hearing.

But a sound level above 80 decibels can permanently damage your hearing ability on long-term exposure.

How to measure the audio levels of Headphones?

Measuring headphone audio levels is very simple. Go to the settings apps on your iPhone or iPad. Select the control center in the root list green plus icon next to the hearing option to add it to the control center.

Now you can get real headphone audio measurements with the help of your control center.

Just scroll down your control center whenever you're listening to something on your headphone, and the audio level measurement will be displayed on the screen along with the current decibel level.

Getting a loud headphone audio notification

You can also enable notifications for loud headphones. Go to the Settings app on your device and click on 'sound and haptics' in the root list.

Tap on headphone safety and turn on the toggle for reducing loud sounds and select your desired threshold. Now, whenever you listen to a sound above the selected threshold, a notification will pop up on your screen.


Enabling the notification whenever you are exposed to higher and unsafe volume for a long period. This feature also helps you cultivate a better hearing habit.