How to master your iPhone's keyboard

Typing is very simple, and we all are used to it, but when it comes to the iPhone, it has several features which may take time to master. But if you are new to iPhone, don't worry; this article will help you get to master your keyboard typing in iPhone.

Some crucial hacks and tips that can prevent blunders while typing are:


Undo is an option that we all need while typing. It saves our time and effort while tying. To undo something on the iPhone, you just need to shake your iPhone, and the undo option will appear.

2. Creating space

Creating space is also very simple. Instead of digging manually to create a space, you can just double type the spacebar, and you're done.

3. All caps mode

Double-tap the shift key to enter all caps mode. To turn off all caps' mode, hit the shift key again.

4. Number key

Shifting from alphabet keys to number keys is very simple and can be simply achieved by clicking on the number key present in the corner of the alphabet keyboard. You can also hold the key instead of tapping it to swipe from alphabet to numerical keyboards and back to alphabet keyboard.

5. Finding the meaning of a word

Defining a word has never been this easy. Select the button, and a small window will pop up above it. Select the define option from it, and a new window will appear which will have the complete definition of the word.

6. Text replacement

You can use a smaller word or phrase for a word or sentence, and the iPhone will automatically change it. To achieve these results, go to settings, select general and navigate to the keyboard.

Now scroll down to text replacement and type your words. For example, you can use Gm for Good morning.

8. Adding or removing a keyboard for another language

iPhone offers you the option to add, remove or Reorder your keyboard. You can add or remove another language on your keyword very easily. Go to settings and click on General, and scroll to the keyboard. Now you can select from these three options:

  • Add a keyboard
  • Remove a keyboard
  • Reorder your keyboard list

9. How to change the layout

Changing the layout is also very simple. Go to settings, select keyboard, and then Keyboards. Tap on a language and select the alternative keyboard for yourself.


The above-mentioned tips will help you master your iPhone keyboard. If you are, Try them and be a pro at typing.