How to make your MacBook touchscreen!

Hey there Macbook users, we have something very interesting with us today. Have you ever imagined how different your life would be if your Macbook was touchscreen? “No more using the trackpad or buying any Apple pen to get a more precise and tactile experience now you just touch what you want to work on”.

Doesn’t that sound magical? Well, it did to us thus, we have brought to you - How to make your Macbook Touch Screen!

What is a Touchscreen?

A touchscreen is an expertly set up system of numerous input and output devices that works concurrently to provide a better method of interacting with any mobile or computing device. It was first developed in the mid-1950s by E.A. Johnson for medical equipment so that doctors and surgeons could remotely locate any organ during surgeries. As this tech developed IBM brought this technology to the public via its first TouchScreen mobile phone.

Today around 98% of mobile phones manufactured globally use touchscreen mechanisms as the standard model of interaction between the user and the interface.

Conventionally in touch screen devices, a thin layer of touch-sensitive film is layered out which catches the impressions of a human finger and sends it to the software for analysis. The software responds to these readings and thus, a touch screen mechanism works.

Why is a touch screen better than a trackpad?

We have narrowed it all down to the 5 most relevant points.

1. Easy to use

Touchscreen mechanisms are really easy to use. They are very user-friendly and very responsive.

2. Fast

TouchScreen devices usually come with better processing speeds and better battery life. Plus the touchscreen mechanism by itself is quite fast and responds to any motion within a few nanoseconds.

3. Accurate

Your trackpad might now always reach the intended part of the screen in one drag. This is where the touch screen takes the crown, it is very accurate and you can point at any part of a screen with the help of a touch screen device.

4. Timesaver

The fast processing speed paired with best-in-class response time and easy handling make it an ultimate time and effort saver.

5. Fun

Last but not least. A touch screen device is fun to use. They provide better tactile feedback and are way more responsive than physical control buttons.

How can you make your Macbook touchscreen?

Now the fun part begins.

To make your Macbook touch you will have to purchase a device called “AirBar”. An AirBar is a well-known accessory that can connect with any computing device over USB Type-A or USB Type-C Thunderbolt and make your laptop touchscreen.

It has specially designed software that works concurrently with the macOS to give a full-fledged touch screen experience.

To install the AirBar

  • Take the AirBar and connect it with your Macbook via a USB Type-A or USB Type-C Thunderbolt port.

And, that’s it. Just like that, your Macbook can now work as a complete touch screen device. The AirBar is also compatible with Windows or Linux Operating Systems(32-bit and above).

Is it safe?

Believe us when we say it, “ the AirBar is 100% safe”. It is made in such a way that it will never cause any problem to the essential systems software and you will never have to fill up any forms or give any permission during the installation of the AirBar app”. Which can be downloaded from the Appstore.

How much does it cost?

The new version of AirBar will only cost you around $219.99(around 16540 INR). It is available on major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Hope you liked this article. We will be back soon with more exciting articles about our beloved Apple devices. Until then, Stay tuned. Good Day!