How to interpret LED lights in AirPods Max

Stuck with your AirPods Max? Don’t understand what the LEDs signify and confused about the indications? Well, if these are some of the problems you are facing with your new AirPods Max, while you are still enjoying it, then you are not alone.

If you are struggling with interpreting the meaning of LED light states on your AirPods Max, watch out for this space as we unravel the mysteries from this light!

How to interpret LED lights in AirPods Max?

The LED lights and status represented by AirPods Max headphones found on the top of the right earphone were designed to represent the various states and modes of operation. These operations included pairing mode, charging states and reset, restart statuses.

To interpret the LED lights, you will first need to understand which mode your headphone is currently using before interpreting the meaning of LED status light changes in the AirPods Max. the status of LEDs is generally white or amber in color. Further, depending on what the light is representing, the color fluctuates. They are found at the bottom of the righthand earphone next to the lighting charging port.

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Modes of connection and LED status:

Depending on the different modes, the LED light status changes. Let’s learn about these modes and what is the LED light status when they are functioning:

  • Pairing mode:

Whether the pairing is through Bluetooth or manual pairing, the LED status light will be flashing white to represent that your headphones are ready to connect with the host device. Automatic pairing occurs when you take your AirPods Max out of the smart case and hold them near your iPhone device.

While manual pairing is only done when you face any issue in automatic pairing, or if the case is that you want to use the AirPods Max with a non-apple device, then manual pairing shall be required. Both the cases LED light flashes white light.

  • Charge status:

The status light present on the right earphone shows the charge status of the AirPods Max. You need to simply press the noise control button on the right earphone and then check the status light for charge status.

If the status of the LED light is green, it indicates that air pods have more than 95% charging. However, if the status of LED is amber, then the AirPods Max has less than 95% charging.

  • Restart state:

To restart your AirPods Max, reboot the device and press and hold the noise control button and digital crown at the same time on the right earphone until LED flashes amber. This should happen in around twelve seconds and then release the buttons immediately.

  • Reset state:

To reset AirPods Max to factory settings and unpair them from your iCloud account, press and hold noise control and digital crown buttons simultaneously for about fifteen seconds until the status of LED changes to flashing white.


Technology can sometimes take us by the surprise of confusion. Surprising how powerful and amazing it can get, and more the confusion on how to operate these surprises! However, it only gets better when you know them thoroughly, and then the roads are clear. Follow the above pointers and decipher yourself the various LED indication your AirPods Max and enjoy listening.