How to identify Bluetooth device type on iOS

Connecting a Bluetooth device is very simple in iOS because an apple device quickly identifies another apple accessory. But if you are using a non-apple device, it may incorrectly identify the type of Bluetooth device.

Apple devices correctly identify Bluetooth accessories, but sometimes you may need to classify Bluetooth device type for your iOS device. The process of identifying a Bluetooth device on IOS is very simple. Just follow the steps:-

Step by step guide to identifying Bluetooth device type on iOS

  • Connect your Bluetooth accessory with an iOS device.
  • Go to the settings of your device
  • Tap on the Bluetooth option in the root list
  • Touch on the ‘i’ icon connected to your Bluetooth accessory.
  • Click on the ‘Device type’ option.
  • Choose a category from the given option on the screen
    1. Car Stereo
    2. Headphone
    3. Hearing Aid
    4. Speaker
    5. Other


Just follow these simple steps to identify a Bluetooth device make sure that you have connected the correct device to classify it. Manually classifying a device can help you ensure headphone audio level measurements are accurate.