How to fix duplicate iCloud contacts after updating to macOS Big Sur

While updating the Mac to macOS Big slur, the contacts often get duplicate, and this can be a bit annoying for some people. There are two ways to fix this duplicated iCloud contacts issue. While updating, you can either go through the process suggested by the Apple community forum or use the following method:-

  • Open your computer iPad and go to the browser and go to
  • Login to and go to iCloud settings.
  • Now click on the name present on the top right and select account settings.
  • Navigate to the bottom and click on the restore contacts present below the advance option.
  • Select restore contacts in the pop-up window and select and archive to restore it.
  • Click on the restore button and click done to restore the window.
  • Once you restore the contacts in the archive, the duplicates will automatically get removed from your contact list.


Use this trick to easily fix the duplicate iCloud contact issue after you have updated your Mac to macOS Big Sur.