How to fix Apple TV 4K remote lag

If you have switched to an Apple TV 4K, then there is a slight chance that you may have been experiencing constant navigation lag. The trackpad of the Siri remote can constantly cause navigation lag. Navigation in any user interface area can be done easily, but if a lag occurs, then everything may freeze for a few seconds or even minutes and resume after it.

How to fix Apple TV 4K remote lag?

The easiest thing that you can try to fix the Apple TV 4K remote lag is moving your cables. Poorly shielded cables around Apple TV can cause interference which can jam the Bluetooth signal on which your remote relies to talk to your Apple TV. Spacing out things can help fix the remote lag.

Some may suggest that hiding your apple TV behind your TV will prevent remote lag but trust me, and this is not the case. Hiding your Apple TV behind your real TV can block the Bluetooth connection because your TV will act as a shield blocking the connections.

Upgrading your HDMI cable to a good 4K UltraHD cable will also help you eliminate remote lag. Simply upgrading your cables can solve all your lagging issues.


Remote lag can waste your lot of time, and it is really hard to give a patience test every time you use your Apple TV remote. Above mentioned steps can help you in getting rid of the Apple TV 4K remote lag.