How to Find Someone's Location by Phone Number: Easy Guide

Mobile phones have made our life easier and better due to their call and message features. We can get in touch with everyone in a moment, ask them about life or just make sure that everything is okay.

Except for these attractive and useful features, our phones keep a huge amount of data about us. It can be photos, videos, search history, and installed applications. In brief, our mobile phone is a small, handy device with a big storage of our personal information.

Nowadays, it is even possible to track someone's current geolocation without them knowing. It may be especially beneficial for protective parents who are willing to take care of their children at a distance. Kids can be very forgetful and scatterbrained, even when they promise to answer phone calls and always stay in touch. This special opportunity to monitor someone's location helps responsible parents stay calm and collected when their kids are away.

But not only caring parents will find this feature useful. A jealous girlfriend that suspects her boyfriend of cheating can easily find out his current location and get him into a lie.
Have you ever been tempted to find out where your friend goes and why? If the answer is yes, this easy guide will be useful for you. There are several effective and proven methods to track cell phone location. All of them are legal, so you should not worry about possible unpleasant consequences. Let's have a closer look at how to track a phone number for free

How to track a phone number for free:

1. Special service function provided by the phone provider.

Telecommunication operator provides this feature upon request. It is a legal way to find out where the person is in real time. You can activate this service at the official website of your operator. By the way, there are some regulations concerning the frequency of using this service. Therefore, it is not always free of charge, but when you need it urgently, nothing will be an obstacle on the way.

2. Built-in features

As a rule, most popular phone brands offer it to their customers. The key thing is to have an active Google or iCloud account. This way, you will activate this feature effortlessly and gain access to the current geolocation of your target person.

3. Apps with tracking features.

There are plenty of applications for this service in the marketplace. They are available both on IOS and Android devices. These apps send information about someone's current location based on Wi-Fi location or GPS coordinates. Before downloading and installing it, read its terms and conditions carefully. It is important because Some of them are not free of charge.

4. Messengers with built-in tracking feature.

Viber or Telegram offer this special feature for their users absolutely for free. To gain access to location data, you need to open a chat with a target contact, select the "Add" option, then the "Place / Location" option, and click on "Share Location Data."

It does not take much effort to activate this function. So if you intend to track someone's location, try this method.

But there is one important thing about it. Your target person should give permission. So without this step, you will not be able to access someone's current location.


If you read this article till the end, you know the answer to the question "how to track someone's phone for free." Everyone can legally find the location by phone number and for free. Technology goes with the times, so collecting information from another target phone has never been so easy. All you need is the right knowledge about this process and desire. Now, you are armed with useful information about tracking someone's location.

All these options will come in handy when there is an urgent need to know the current coordinates of the target person. You can choose one that suits your need and abilities. This easy guide will be useful for overprotective and busy parents or jealous spouses. When your phone is lost in the middle of nowhere, one of these effective methods will save this unpleasant situation. All methods are affordable and available for every spy, so don't hesitate and try them out!