How to enhance the visual features on your Apple Watch

If you are an Apple Watch user, then you must be aware of its interesting feature. Apple has some additional features which help to enhance the visual features on the Apple Watch and make it friendly for visually impaired people.

If you are new to the Apple Watch, you can use these methods to enhance its visual features and make it compatible with visually challenged people or have any injury or other issues.

Voice over in Apple Watch

The voice-over feature in the Apple Watch enables screen reading and can also perform a task by receiving spoken feedback. Use voice-over in your Apple Watch, go to the settings, and select my watch tab.

Now tap on accessibility and select voice-over, and turn on the toggle for voice-over. Once you have enabled this feature, you can simply select an item, and double-tap it to activate.

Zoom on Apple Watch

If you are having trouble navigating with the regular size of the Apple Watch, you can zoom the screen easily. Go to the settings and go to my watch tab. Now select accessibility and tap on zoom, and turn on its toggle. You can now decide the magnification level using the slider.

On and off labels for toggles

Enabling or disabling toggles is very easy, but sometimes people face problems in seeing whether a toggle is enabled or not.

You can go to the settings and click on my watch tab and then navigate to accessibility and enable the toggle for on/off label.

Grayscale for color

If your problem is related to color, then you can use the Grayscale option. Go to my watch in setting and enable the toggle for Grayscale in Accessibility.

Change the text

You can enable many settings that help in visual enhancement like Display & Brightness or Bold Text.

Increase watch face

If you find the watch face too small and uncomfortable to work. You can increase it through X large sections.

Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and select the face gallery tab. Now scroll to the bottom, where you can find the X large section. There are multiple extra-large faces in a variety of colors present there. You can select any one of them and adjust its color and apply it by using the add button.


There are also options like a chime, reducing motion for more direct navigation, or increasing contrast by reducing transparency that can help you enhance the visual features of your Apple Watch.