How to enable reader view in Chrome on Mac

Reader view can be very useful, especially when you want to print the document, and both Safari and Firefox offer a default reader view. But if you are working with Chrome on Mac, it does not enable default reader view, and the web page appears with lots of extra banners, navigation ads, and etc.

If you want to enable the reader view in your Chrome on Mac, Google has a hidden flag that you cannot use. While the feature is still considered an experimental one but it is still a preferred option by many.

How to enable the Reader Mode flag in your chrome browser?

You can access your reader mode flag in your Chrome browser by simply enteringchrome://flags/ into your addresses bar. Also, Read the warning that explains that it is an experimental feature and may affect your security of data while using Chrome.

If you agree with the warning, then you can proceed and try the reader mode feature. You can also directly enable it using chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. You can see the features and click on the dropdown list and choose to enable. If you select ‘enabled available in settings,’ then you can turn off this feature whenever you wish. Your changes will apply when you restart your Chrome, and there's also an option that appears at the bottom to relaunch it immediately.

You can click on the reader mode icon to enable and use it while using your chrome browser.


Chrome also has many extensions to avail reader mode. You can also choose these extensions or follow the above methods to enable readers via conventional ways.