How to disable suggested posts on Instagram

Instagram is a very big name in the social media market. Currently, it holds the position of the 6th largest social network worldwide with a current user base of 1 billion. The app keeps on updating its feature and adding new tools and features to enrich its user experience.

One such Instagram feature was a post suggestion. The feature focused on suggesting to users some specific posts depending on their research history, likes, saved posts, and other categories. The feature was launched in August 2020 and was not liked by everyone.

Suggested posts appear on the bottom of the user feeds and are from accounts that you do not follow. Many Instagram users do not like this feature and felt that it was unnecessary. Many users expressed their resentment on Twitter about this new feature of Instagram, and many are looking to disabling it.

How to disable suggested posts on Instagram?

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app and sign in with your account.
  • Step 2: Click on your profile and tap on edit profile. Scroll down and look for a similar account suggestion box and deselect the option.
  • Step 3: Refresh the home feed; the suggestion posts will be disabled.

You can revert the decision and enable the suggested posts by following the same process and selecting the ticking the ‘similar account suggestion’ option.


You can enable or disable the suggested post feature depending on your convenience. There are several other interesting features on Instagram that can grab your attention and that are worth trying.

Initially, there was no way to disable the suggested posts on Instagram, but after the resentment of some users, it added the enabling and disabling options also. This has made the app more convenient to use and more user-friendly.