How to change system app icons on El Capitan

People looking for answers on how they can change icons of apps on your Mac have good news now! It is possible to change the entire system app icons on El Captain OS X. This article is a short tutorial and aims to show how one can use a method that effectively works on Apple's latest OS system releases for Mac.

OS X EL Captain had some internal changes that made modifying certain system applications a bit easier than others. Changing the app's icon is fun but frustrating when you have to adopt numerous ways to do so. But not through El Captain. Let's discuss it more in the article below and find answers to your questions on effectively changing system app icons on EL Captain.

Why would anyone change application icons?

Changing application icons does not do anything to the system functionality, but it completely changes the app's aesthetics. Every time you look at it, you would feel that it's different and amazing. These changes appear in Finder, Dock, Launchpad, and anywhere else from where one can launch the app.

Many people change their apps icons due to many other reasons. Some do not like how their apps originally look, while some want a theme with their Mac and a new look and feel. An app doe not support the Retina display. So, if you want to change your icons for any reason, OS X EL Captain is good to go with.

How to customize app icon on macOS:

To change an app icon on macOS, one can follow a series of given steps:

  • Find your app both in Finder or on your desktop, right-click on it, and then click on Get Info.
  • This will open the Get Info menu for the app you just queried.
  • Then go on to finding an image that you want to use for an app icon. Open it with your Mac preview app.
  • Take help from the image opener in the preview app, navigate to edit, select all in the menu bar, and select the entire image.
  • Through the selected images, go to edit and then copy from the menu bar to copy the contents of the picture to your Mac's Clipboard.
  • With the image in the clipboard, go back to the Get Info window that was opened earlier and then click on the icon at the top left of the window. Then select edit and paste from your menu bar.
  • Depending on the location of the application that you are trying to change the icon of, you can be asked to enter a password. Go ahead and then hit enter it. Click on the OK button then.
  • The image should now be connected to the app, but for it to fully comply with the effect, restart your Mac.


It does not take much time to change the system icons with El captain when you want to. Just follow the steps discussed above, and you should be good to go!