How to Answer Phone Calls on Apple Watch

Apple Watch calls are convenient since they eliminate the need for your iPhone and allow you to multitask with your hands being free.

I'll show you how to make and accept phone calls on your Apple Watch, as well as some useful suggestions for making the most of your Apple Watch phone conversations.

In addition, if you need some peace and quiet, I'll show you how to turn off phone calls on Apple Watch.

Answer a Call

Raise your wrist to check who's calling when you hear or feel the call notice.

  • Make a voicemail call: In the incoming call notice, tap the red Decline button.
  • On your Apple Watch, respond as follows: To use the built-in microphone and speaker or a Bluetooth device associated with your Apple Watch, press the Answer button.
  • Instead, use your iPhone to respond or send a text message: After using the More button, select an option. If you press the Answer button on your iPhone, the call is put on hold, and the caller hears a repeating sound until you pick up your linked iPhone.
  • If you can't find your iPhone, scroll up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the Ping Phone button on your Apple Watch.

While you are on a call

You will be able to switch a call to your iPhone, enter numbers using the keypad, adjust the call volume, and move the conversation to another audio device if you're on a call that doesn't use FaceTime audio.

  • To transfer calls from Apple Watch to iPhone, unlock your iPhone and hit the green bar or button at the top of the screen while conversing on your Apple Watch.
  • By pressing your hand's palm on the watch display for three seconds, you can swiftly stop an incoming call. Just make sure Cover to Mute is enabled in the Apple Watch Settings app, then tap Sounds & Haptics, then Cover to Mute.
  • Change the call volume: Turn the Digital Crown to the right. To silence your end of the call (for example, if you're on a conference call), press the Mute button.
  • During a call, add the following digits: Tap the More button, then the Keypad, and finally the digits.
  • Transfer the call to a speakerphone: Select a device by using the More button.
  • You can change the level, mute the call by selecting the Mute button, or choose an audio destination by hitting the More button during a FaceTime Audio call.

Listen to voicemail

You'll get a notification if a caller leaves voicemail; hit the Play button in the notification to listen. Open the Phone app on the Apple Watch, then tap Voicemail to listen to voicemail later.

You have the following options on the voicemail screen:

  • With the Digital Crown, you can adjust the volume.
  • Start and stop the recording.
  • Five seconds can be skipped forward or backward.
  • Please contact me again.
  • Delete the voicemail message.