How is the Russian-Ukrainian war going to affect Apple in the global market?

If you have been following the recent news and current affairs then you be no stranger to the heavy aggression that's going on in Ukraine.

The world once again is on a brink of war. People are losing their jobs and home, there is widespread panic throughout the world and, the most powerful bodies of the UN and NATO are completely powerless against the forces and veto powers of Russia.

But, there is another less talked side of a war - The decline of business.

As of now, more than 100 MNCs that operate in Ukraine have closed all their internal and external operations in the country. Plus, many more MNCs are predicted to close all trades and services in Russia too as an act of non-cooperation.

And, Apple is one of those MNCs.

Thus, in today's article, we thought of going on a different track and talking about the effects that Apple will face due to war in the global market.

So, without wasting any more time.

Let us begin…

The Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

The dispute between Ukraine and Russia might have caught the world’s attention just a few months ago. But, the seed of this rivalry was planted decades ago when Ukraine gained its independence.

It was in the mid-1991 when Ukraine declared itself as an independent country when they saw the collapse of the USSR and the end of the cold war.

Since then Russia has had an urge to include Ukraine back into its borders they the USSR can become complete again.

Why did the war begin in the first place?

The origins of the war have a lot to do with the people staying within the borders of Ukraine.

According to some sources, Ukraine has had a group of people who lived by the country’s border who favored Russia more than Ukraine. They liked the ideologies of Russia more, which led to a conflict.

Though the initial conflicts were settled by the Ukrainian government and military. But, the flames of the conflict started to pop up more ofetn than before when the COVID-19 crisis struck the world.

This time a big conflict started in the Ukrainian borders and some say a group of dedicated Ukrainian citizens asked Russia for help in this situation. Thus, Russia responded and took this small chance of revival to launch a full-fledged war.

Russia broadcasted throughout the world that they were trying to help the citizens who asked for their help by completely crippling the economic, social, and probably the psychological backbone of Ukraine. Thus, forcing them to rejoin Russia so USSR can be reformed.

What did Apple do?

When a full-fledged airstrike and bombing started in different border regions of Ukraine the telecom and technology minister of Ukraine advised all MNCs residing in the country to stop all operations immediately.

And, Apple obliged. That’s how they lost the Ukrainian market.

On the other side, the whole world was blaming Russia now for bringing up a war. Thus, any MNCs shut down all imports, exports, and services in Russia.

Apple is one such MNC. And, that is how they also lost the Russian market.

Negative Efforts of war that Apple will face.

Although Russia and Ukraine are not even in the top 5 sellers of Apple products yet, they are an important market.

iPhone is the most popular brand in both Russia and Ukraine. These two countries bring a lot of revenue for Apple. Thus, losing them will affect Apple real badly.

According to some sources, there is a major chance that the dispute will attract problems between other European countries too. Thus, if matters really go out of hand then Apple might eventually lose around 60-70% of their sales in Europe.

The after-effects of the war will eventually start huge inflations and Apple products being expensive will then start to get neglected. And it will take decades for the market to get stable thus, Apple will lose some precious money in Europe.


Although the sales in Asia and both the Americas will be enough to keep Apple afloat. But, nothing can be said for certain.

Right now the world is on the brink of a third world war and that’s going to affect everyone somehow. Not only Apple.

Let us keep our hopes high and pray that the condition in Europe gets stable.

A war can ever be a method for peace.