How Dating Apps Changed Dating for a Generation

Find out how dating apps changed dating for a generation. Check out how dating apps influence the dating area. If you want to find your love and new relationships, read now! Technology has changed how we do many things, including dating.

The past 10 years, dating apps have become more acceptable with more than 50% of millennials choosing this platform as a way to meet partners. Many people consider chatting with a stranger online completely normal, something that would have been seen as a bad thing earlier. But why the sudden change in the attitude towards dating apps?

It all started when the first dating app was launched and it catered to people of all sexualities. The apps’ usage expanded when people started using all kinds of Android phones, that's when the big change came. The dating apps became a platform where many people could look for love or hookups. The iPhone and Android markets paved the way for many dating apps that appeared in the following years.

Online dating through online sites or apps is a great way of meeting many singles. With features such as local dating, it is easy to see why dating apps and services are attracting the attention of many. So, what are the advantages of using a dating app or website in comparison with traditional methods?

  • It is easy to join a dating app
  • Dating apps are easy to use
  • They provide you with a huge pool of local singles
  • You don't have to rush but date at your own pace
  • You can narrow down your search by inputting characters you want
  • You have a higher chance of finding the perfect match
  • It is easier to meet people outside your social circle
  • You can save on meaningless dates

The Difference in Dating Today

Technology makes it easier to share information with others. Dating apps make it easier for you to access personal information, thereby, simplifying the process of getting to know others. Now, the worry is not about finding love but whether they should reply to the message sent by a potential partner.

This is the same as when someone would decide to wait a couple of days before calling their date. However, this doesn't apply when it comes to dating apps. You can choose to reply to a message as soon as you receive it and it wouldn't be seen as a problem. In fact, statistics have shown that replying earlier leads to better success rates than waiting for two days.

Additionally, the dating apps are changing how people find their perfect match based on the characteristics they are looking for. Modern dating services have made it easier to filter certain characteristics, allowing you to narrow down your search. It is really a great benefit as you can find a partner according to your interests. For example, using a filter means that you will meet your match with the interests you expect.

Aside from allowing people to find potential partners, dating apps also make it easier for people to experience their fantasies. Now, when it comes to dating online, you can find any experience you wish and all sorts of relationships. Various dating apps provide people with the chance to be in a polyamorous relationship and much more. You can find and have any kind of relationship.


Technology made a significant impact on how the generation dates now. Dating apps provide you with a lot of people to choose from, they also help to meet matches nearby and with the same interests. Most people are more focused on physical attributes making it harder to maintain relationships.

The dating apps remain popular because people can date at their own convenience even when they don't have a large social circle or when they do not have free time due to work. Check for yourself!