Home App for Mac

If your accessories are connected to an iPhone, then managing them is very easy from your Mac.

You can turn on/off the light of your office or adjust the temperature of your room and even lock the door. You can access whatever HomeKit accessories you have connected with your iPhone.

You do not necessarily need an iPhone to manage all of it; as long as your home kit accessory is connected with your iPhone, you can handle all this with your Mac also.

Connect with iCloud

The first step towards connecting your map with the home app is logging in with the same Apple ID in your Mac as that in your iPhone. Even after login, if you receive a message that the home is turned off, then go to System Preferences and click on Apple ID and enable your ID.

Navigate the Home app on Mac


The home option displays all the accessories at a glance. It controls features such as turning something on/off. On the top of the home section, a visual display of some accessories is present. To add a scene in your home, connect the plugin on the top right and create a new scene immediately.


Automation options allow you to manage any automation you have set up or add another by clicking on the Plus sign in the top right corner. Automation is present below the home in the sidebar.

Remember one thing- you cannot add any accessories in the Home app on Mac. For adding an accessory, you need to use your iPhone.


Discover gives you additional tips for using accessories with home kits, and it also allows you to browse additional accessories available on the Apple Store.


The room option is a list of rooms that you have created using your home app, for example, family room, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. Each room will display the accessory you have placed in it along with the background that you have selected.

In simple words, it mirrors the home app on your phone in a very beautiful way. You can click on any accessories just like the home screen to interact with it from any room. You can also change the order of the rooms in the sidebar by selecting and dragging it to a new location.

Controls and Settings

Controlling the settings is very simple; you just need to right-click on the accessories and select either settings or show controls. Now you can adjust the settings according to you. If you have a home or HomePod mini, you can use your Mac to adjust its setting.

Another great feature of the Home app on Mac is that you can go to the edit and select edit home or edit room and edit the settings. You can even use the home icon drop-down box in the toolbar and select room settings or home settings for editing.


The home app is very useful and handy; it allows you to access multiple features under one roof in just a few clicks.