Google Previews Android 12 with Robust Customization Features and iOS 14-Inspired Privacy Protection

Google is targeting customization as the main theme for their new releases and new design language called "material you". Google claims that this new design language brings a humanistic approach to design, marking the tension between design sensibility and personal preferences. It is also a new initiative taken as an idea from the team members.

Google offers users robust customization features for system shapes, colors, and overall feel. Google aims to provide users with customization through color extraction, which automatically checks dominant colors in a user's wallpaper and then implements them entirely in the system. With Android 12, Google is set to introduce more fluid systemwide animations to make devices feel alive.

What are users going to experience through this?

With google setting up the new android 12 with deeper customization and iOS 14-inspired privacy protections, our systems are going to operate faster and are going to be more responsive. However, Google ensures that these systemwide animations have minimal impact on battery life and system performance adversely.

The new Android will accelerate battery efficiency so that you can use your device for longer without charging. This was achieved by many improvements made, including reducing the CPU time needed for core system services by up to 22%. Thereby further reducing the use of big cores by the system server by up to 15%.

Beyond design changes, Google has introduced new privacy settings and features inspired by IOS 14 systems. One feature is a microphone and camera indicator, which appears dot-like in the top right-hand corner of the device whenever an app is accessing the camera or microphone.

Google has also made it easier to disable a specific app's access to the microphone and camera through new toggles in quick settings. It has also developed a privacy-centric feature that comes from android 12 and the ability for users to give apps path to either their sorted or exact location. More like IOS, whenever an application requests to access a user's location, an option to provide precise and approximate locations is given.

Will android power and IOS support make the user experience better?

Android 12 is well known to bring about the best privacy integrations for the users, and this shall be visible. With IOS features coming in, the user experience shall be enhanced by a 10x and will impact how the interaction is sustained. Privacy and user experience being high points, it is going to be an exciting lookout for google previews Android 12 with more extensive customization and iOS 14-inspired privacy protections.


With android power and features inspired by IOS, google is all set to mark milestones in achieving best in class. Users look forward to experiencing a combined effect of these technologies. With high performance and better graphics and operation being a promise, it is going to be a tough wait for users.