Google Chrome releases latest update that supports iOS 14 widgets

When it comes to Apple, Google is pretty quick to bring a wide range of features for their users, but they bit slowed down their update when it comes to the widget.

In November 2022, when the new update rolled out, we didn't see any widget feature from Google, and users were disappointed about it. Out of four apps, only Google Drive and Google Fit received an update, while the rest of the apps need to wait for a while.

Now the wait is over. Google is back with an update for the rest of the apps in early 2021. Google has released a Chrome update that supports iOS 14 widgets.

Here are all the things you need to know about the new widget:-

Google Chrome has some exceptional features in its new widget update. It has its typical search bar, and the other one comes with the pre-loaded dino game.

The three functionalities the widget contains are:

  • Dino
  • Search Bar
  • Quick Actions

Dino is the pre-built Chrome game that you usually see in its web browsers. A search bar is the Google official search bar to let you surf the internet. Whereas the quick action contains other additional Google features that you can access with one tap.

How to add the widget to the Home screen?

To add the Chrome widget to your iPhone or iPad home screen, tap and hold anywhere on the screen and until the '+' sign pop-ups. After the update, you can see the Chrome Widget listen in the widget section.

Here are the complete details about the widgets:-

  • The 4x2 widget contains four options. It includes the typical Google Search Bar, Incognito Tab, and QR Scanner. Tapping the Incognito button, an incognito window will open on your browser, and the QR code scanner will launch its functionality on the Google Chrome App. The Google Search Bar also contains a voice search option to search with text to speech mode.
  • The 2x2 focuses on the Google search bar just like the 4x2 widget and the voice search button, and it has the Dino game. If you want to kill your time, then tap on the game and beat your high score.

Are the Widgets interactive?

Right now, it is disappointing to see that the Google Search Bar is not interactive. When you tap on the search bar, you'll be taken to the Google Chrome browser or, let us say, the browser will open up, and then you can enter a query to search.

With more updates, we can hope Google might bring an interactive widget for iPhones and iPads.

Wrapping Up

If you have updated your Google Chrome to its latest version in Apple Store. Then open it once to give a chance to the operating system to load its widget to the system. You are all set to explore the newly updated widget by Google on your home screen.

Apart from the widget, this feature also brings you to edit your saved username and password in the chrome settings. As usual, it also focused on its stability and performance.