New FutureRestore GUI

Do you wish to use the futurestore to downgrade or upgrade to the unsigned version of iPadOS or iOS? If yes, then we have some amazing news for you. You can now do this and command line is not the only way to achieve this.

Yes, you heard us right! This Monday, the jailbreak community was introduced to a new user-friendly, Java-based futurestore app for macOS that is known as FutureRestore GUI (where GUI stands for graphical user interface).

This new application was published on the Github on Monday and from what we could infer till now, it would seem that this utility has already been updated several times with different changes and improvements. What this means is that it is going to be actively maintained for the near future at least which is great to know.

It is no surprise that FutureRestore GUI has the same functionality as the command line interface although you can start the process here with a single click instead of needing to use the terminal commands. To use the FutureRestore GUI, a user still needs to have the .shsh2 blobs along with the .ipsw firmware file for any version that they wish to downgrade or upgrade. Also, the limitations and the restrictions of the command line will apply to the futurestore app version as well which is why we advise the jailbreakers to save the .shsh2 blobs carefully and regularly. If you have an A12+ device, then you would need to follow a separate process for the downgrades and upgrades.

You can find detailed steps of the process on a post that was published on Monday. And if you have previously used the command line interface for futurestore, then this app will be quite easy for you to use but since it is user-friendly, it is going to attract more jailbreakers to use this utility.

Since FutureRestore GUI is a Java-based application, users need to install Java 8 on their Mac to use this app. This app is open source so the code is available on the Github page from where the FutureRestore GUI can be downloaded as well.

Would you give futurestore a try in the future with the help of the user-friendly FutureRestore GUI application? Let us know in the comments why or why now!