Future of Apple's wireless charging mechanism: a Brief.

Apple is planning to revolutionize wireless charging by creating a mechanism that will help iPhone charge other Apple accessories

With all the craze of new leaks about the iPhone 14 and now iPhone 15(apparently), a lot of new theories have sprung up around how these two devices are going to drastically change how iPhones have looked like.

With the rumors of a punch-hole front camera on iPhone 14 and a full-body display of iPhone 15, it’s pretty clear the days of the notch are numbered.

But, what else is going on?

For the past few days, we asked ourselves the same questions and the follow-up landed us brand new rumors that we can’t wait to share with you.

So, read the article till the very end to know what we know…

Let us begin…

Apples reverse changing mechanism

Have you ever heard about reverse-charging?

It's a pretty simple mechanism.

In normal conditions, a power brick or MagSafe is used to provide charge to an iPhone but, in reverse changing an iPhone itself can be used to power another iPhone.

This nifty little achievement is already present since the release of the iPhone 12 but, people have somehow forgotten about this feature for some years now.

And, that’s why this new rumor shocked us…

The News

According to a trusted source, Apple has been planning to improve on their wireless charging mechanism by introducing a more powerful and more efficient reverse charging mechanism on their upcoming iPhones.

iPhone 15 is rumored to be the first device that will showcase this updated reverse-charging mechanism.

But, contrary to this news we have found out reverse charging is already present on iPhones for a couple of years now.

The iPhone 12 pro variants were the very first device released by apple that housed a magnetic coil on the back which could be used for wireless charging. Thus, Apple made a rather discrete announcement about this new addition back when the device was released.

Back then reverse change was all the rage among smartphone manufacturers. Well-known android brands had mastered this technique and provided them with their flagship devices. But the iPhone lacked any such feature. Thus, reverse changing was introduced on iPhones.

But there’s a catch.

This new reverse-changing mechanism was extremely faulty. It was massively inefficient, the device often overheated due to this contact-changing process and it was not usable because the changing speeds were slower than the motion of a sloth climbing up a tree.

Thus, the reverse change was slowly forgotten. But, with the arrival of 2022 Apple has shaken up and is trying to make a comeback on its reverse charging mechanism by improving it massively.

What will be the highlight features of the new reverse charging mechanism?

For starters, this updated charging technique will use better hardware thus, promoting better current flow between the devices.

There is also a chance that Apple may include tight insulation on the coils to prevent any heating issues on the devices while charging.

Secondly, the new and updated reverse changing mechanism will now be able to change various iPhone accessories and other apple devices like the AirPods and the Apple Watch.

Will reverse-charging deem MagSafe useless?

One major question that arises with the advanced reverse charging is that it might make MagSafe useless.

As both works on the same principle users will now feel no need for buying a MagSafe charger.

Right now no sources can truly shed light on how Apple might tackle this problem. But, we will share with you any updates that come our way.

When can we expect this new mechanism?

Right now analysts are still trying to figure out the validity of this rumor thus, it’s really hard to tell if and when Apple might announce reverse-charging 2.0 to the market.

But, some sources have said that this mechanism will be on display on iPhone 15 which is scheduled to release in 2023.