Free Safari Notes Extensions

One of the most important features that one needs while using Safari to search for things is to make a note once you find what you are searching for. Sure, you have the option to save a page directly from Safari to the Notes app but sometimes that is not sufficient.

So, to help you make the most of your Safari browser, we have searched all the Safari extensions and prepared this list of free tools that you can use. If you wish to save part of a webpage, note down quickly a point, or in fact, do both then there are plenty of Safari apps for taking notes that you can consider.

Notes Extensions – Safari

Each of these notes extensions have their own pros and cons so we have listed down a few of the best for you to check out:


Developed by Zoho Corporation, Notebook is an amazing Safari extension that will greatly help you with the browser. You can perform several activities with this extension such as creating a note, capturing a screenshot of a webpage, writing down notes, and so on. That’s not all, you can also use Notebook extension to upload an image on your social media channel or your blog when you are on them. And when you click on the ‘View Your Notes’ option, you will be shown a list of all your notes, favorites, notebooks, and shared items.

With this app, you can take photos, make checklists, create memos, and file attachments. Furthermore, you can filter your notes and search for your favorite notes by adding tags to them. You can format your notes, set reminders, and even share the notes with others.

This is a free app and you just need to sign-in to start using it.


If you want a web-based tool for taking notes and web clippings then Dropmark is the perfect option for you. This free tool is added to the toolbar to add webpages, take a screenshot of a page, grab images, view notes, etc. You can add these webpages and images to a collection and then enter a description as well.

You can go to the Dropmark website to see your bookmarks and collections and can add cover images to the saved items or download them on your PC. There is also an option to create a note new by adding text or a URL or reference of a note. The best thing about this extension is that it can be used by teams too.


Bear Note is available on Mac and is a great Safari extension that allows the users to open a small part of a webpage. After this, you can save the note and create a new one in the window.

With this extension, you get several amazing features such as formatting, sharing, exporting, and so on. If you get the Pro membership, then you can also sync your notes using iCloud, use advanced export settings, and encrypt your notes too.

Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper offers great flexibility to users in taking notes and clippings. You can use it for clipping articles, webpages, screenshots, etc. All you need to do is select the desired notebook to save your clipping, add a tag, and click on the ‘Save clip’ button.

Evernote is an amazing app and website and can be used to sync two devices on the free plan. If you want more options for syncing, then you need to get the Premium plan which is quite affordable too.

Keep Everything

Keep Everything is a great tool that will allow you to snag a webpage and then organize it in the app. You simply need to click on the button to capture the webpage and then you can edit or style the note, view the webpage, etc. whenever you want. Apart from that, you can always open the page or the article on Safari and then get information such as the date, Url, etc.

Apart from taking clippings, you can form a new note as well or use a URL to make one. Create categories to organize your notes and you will find that it is easy to search for your notes.

There are several other Safari extensions that you can find online but they are mostly paid. So, if you want an easy and free solution then the above-mentioned extensions are a great option for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by them.

Have you used one of these extensions before? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments!