Figma for PC was built with the vision of shaping the future of the web. Figma is a design application for groups and teams who build products together. The baby of the web, Figma, helps the entire product team create, test, and deliver better designs.

All this faster and efficiently. In this article, find out everything about Figma features, how to download it on your PC, and use it to create some awesome designs.

Features of Figma:

Many features of Figma will surely make you fall in love with it. Some of them are:

  • Pen tool for modern designs:

Achieving cool designs needs the correct tool. On Figma, you can start your journey by starting with the modern pen tool first. Draw it in any direction with vector networks. No more merging is required or needed to connect to the path's original point.

  • Instant arc designs:

With Figma for PC, one can easily design clocks, watch the screen, or even pie charts easily with arc tools that help in making arc designs for rounder objects

  • Open type:

There is no limit in being expressive and if you want to explore your complete potential, then be expressive with open-type advanced tools us what Figma offers. The advanced tools let you completely express your brands.

  • Less manual resizing:

Buttons can resize with text and lists and can be rearranged themselves when items are moved around. With manual resizing, you can achieve resizing facility on objects without much hassle.

  • Stretch to fill:

The stretch to fill is auto layout components that can now stretch left and right or top and bottom for easier responsive designs. With more features like auto layout padding, direction and spacing settings translate directly into code and simplify developer handoffs.

How to download Figma on PC:

  • To download Figma user needs to navigate to the official Figma website.
  • You can check the integration of your operating system first (windows 10, 8, 7) to ensures that Figma runs smoothly on your system.
  • Download Figma on your windows operating system (versions 10,8,7) and select the appropriate location to save related files.
  • Install Figma as per the prompts.
  • Explore the platform well for tools and features before using it.


Enthusiasts of the web all around the world love Figma if they have used it. Figma provides better tools with which you work as a professional and complete your work faster. With Figma, there is nothing that you cannot achieve and create world-class designs. Try Figma and experience the change yourself today!