Fifteen Ways to Use Apple Watch Buttons & Digital Crown

Apple watch buttons and digital crowns are set up to perform different functions. There are many features to a complete apple watch, and we shall unveil them all in this article. Watch out for your query and learn holistically how to use an Apple watch.

Fifteen ways how you can use Apple watch buttons and digital crowns:

  • Home screen and watch face shortcuts:
    Press the home button once and go from watch face to your home screen. The apple watch base screen is where you shall find all the applications for use. If you tap on the home button while staying on the home screen, then you shall return to watch face.
  • Recently opened apps:
    The Double-pressing home button will take you back to the app that you most recently accessed. When using two applications, keep double-pressing the home button to keep going from one to the other.
  • Activating Siri:
    There are three ways to activate Siri. On your apple watch, enable Siri from settings, and then by pressing and holding the home button, Siri should get activated. If not, then check for settings again.
  • Screenshot on watch:
    For taking a screenshot, press the home button and side button at the same time to take a screenshot. Screenshots shall be saved automatically, and photos will be synced to iPhone.
  • ECG reading:
    For ECG reading, you need to set up a reading, enabling it through settings and iPhone. ECG effectively records electrical signals of your heart and measures defects in heart rate or irregularities.
  • Hold on working out:
    By pressing the home button and side button together, one can pause the workout. It can again be resumed by pressing two buttons simultaneously.
  • Zooming in and out:
    Apple watch can function as a remote also. Just rotate the digital crown while the camera app is running, and it will zoom in and out of your iPhone camera.
  • Control volume:
    Volume can be controlled while listening to music on iPhone. One can use a digital crown to raise and lower volume.
  • Removing water from the speaker:
    An apple watch series can be used to unlock the screen during a swimming workout on apple watch SE. Just turn on the digital crown, and when the watch has the water lock on, it will create
  • vibrations and high-pitched sound to remove water.
  • Steer fiction vehicle:
    Use digital crown as steering wheel when gaming. Use it to move the paddle in pong and steer snake in snake games.
  • Access favorite apps:
    It can be customized to show the ten most used applications by pressing the side button on the dock. Customize your dock to show preferred apps in the order you like.
  • Make an emergency call:
    To make an urgency call, press and hold the side button and use the emergency SOS call function. Press and hold the button, and a screen with two or three options will appear.
  • Make apple payment:
    Double-tap on the side button to enable apple pay. The card you see on the screen shall be charged.
  • Check medical ID:
    To check someone’s medical ID, press and hold the side button. Then get access to a medical ID.
  • Force restart Apple watch:
    Turn off the apple watch forcefully by pressing and holding the side button, then selecting power off from the menu.


Apple watches are wholesome of features and functions. All the significant functions performed by the watch buttons and digital crowns are mentioned in the article above. Let us know if it helped you in the comments below!