Factors and Key Points to Access Esports in FIFA 24

FC 24 is a football simulator that, over the years of updates, has received many improvements to the physics of the ball and players, collisions and the reaction of all participants in the match, including coaches and fans, to any changes on the field, taking into account the factors of the home and away stadium.

Players pay more attention to the online mode because it is more interesting, more varied and gives full access to e-sports if you are persistent.

Career mode remains more of a training zone, in which you can play against strong opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. Here you can hone your skills and general understanding of the game, but the best progress will come against live opponents with a completely different mindset and the emotional factor, which sometimes plays a higher role than skill.

The difference between the online mode is that you do not receive a full-fledged playing composition of the selected team with valid contracts, but will receive a random set of players who will have to be constantly mined, changed and strive for the ideal playing composition and a large supply of FC 24 coins, which will make up the main increase new football players.


Each football player is realized and expressed on game cards of varying degrees of value, which show all his capabilities and parameters.

The higher the quality of the card, the higher the parameters of the performers themselves.

Now, starting from FC 24, you can increase the parameters of players in any cards when completing special tasks and distribute these points to the necessary cards.

This way you can increase bronze sets to the level of silver ones in terms of potential, or significantly strengthen already talented players of Ronaldo’s level.

To receive different sets of value and constantly try to strengthen and update your gaming composition, you need to take part in matches against other players, complete various tasks, participate in tournaments and events, or buy FC 24 Skycoach coins.

League and division matches

FC 24 is built on the principle of large divisions and leagues and when the player chooses his club and goes through several matches to determine the level of play and choose his position at the very beginning of the season.

In the future, all your matches will influence the result and position of the league, where for regular and frequent victories you will grow and rise in rank, and for defeats and draws you will gradually decrease.

There is no need to worry too much about this, because divisions determine your level of play and the strength of the playing squad, which you just need to train and strengthen in order to grow to really high levels and play matches against the strongest players in FIFA 24.

If you are not comfortable playing against other players due to a lack of understanding of basic tactics, strategies and player management and ball control, then you should spend time on the career mode, which will help you better understand the basic principles of the game, try out different tactics and team building, learn how to perform feint and outwit your opponents, master the technique of flank attacks, fast and slow play.

When you return to the online league after a while, you will notice how much your level of play and the number of victories in matches have improved.

The only clarification is that in career mode, do not play on the easiest difficulty level - choose at least difficulty level 2, and preferably 3, because this is often the initial level of play of your first opponents in FIFA Ultimate Team and if initially you will train against obviously weak opponents Not only will you not learn anything because of easy matches, but you will also relax, and it will be more difficult for you to increase your rating and occupy at least the middle-level division, not to mention e-sports.


All types of tournaments, the main one of which is the Weekend League - this is an excellent source of cheap FC 24 coins, gold player cards and, most importantly, the experience of playing matches against random players, including representatives of the best divisions, in which you can see the optimal gaming lineups, main strategies and match ideas for your future games.

First, you need to play a lot of matches in your league in order to get 1500 points before the weekend. This is an important condition in order to gain the right to take part in the qualifications for the tournament.

To score points you not only need to win, you can play a draw and even lose, but then you will need to play more games.

This is good news for beginners and teams with a weak squad - they will be able to score the required number of points through the number of games and take part in the qualifications, in which they are already guaranteed to receive one random set of gold cards and more if they win more matches and reach the main stage of the tournament.

You need to win at least 4 games out of 10, and then you are guaranteed to get into the Weekend League.

Each match won is an additional set of gold cards in addition to the one mandatory one, which is issued simply for reaching that stage of the tournament.

If you manage to win 4 out of 10 matches, then the main stage will begin, which will consist of 20 matches, where each victory will advance you along the path of rewards, in which you can get FIFA 24 coins, player sets of different sizes and quality, goal celebration cards and decorations for stadiums.

The main advantage of the tournament format at the stages of qualifications and the main part is the opportunity to play many games against opponents of a random level, including representatives of top divisions, close ones, or taking part in large e-sports tournaments, which are regularly organized by developers from EA Sports.

In any case, you will gradually strengthen your squad and gain experience and develop your own tactics of behavior in matches, which can only be mastered from a large number of games.