EonHub is a simple and easy to use AppStore allowing users to install jailbreak tools, hacked games, emulators, tweaks, torrent clients on any iOS device. What's more, it works from a browser and you can install any app without using a computer. EonHub is brought to you by Ignition Team. Works also on latest iOS 13.7.

As all other 3rd party AppStore also EonHub uses an enterprise certificate to sign and install IPA files. What it means the certificate can be revoked by Apple and all installed apps will stop opening. If this will happen it's required to reinstall all apps with a new certificate. Still this is one of the most updated platforms.

EonHub AppStore

EonHub AppStore doesn't offer an option to sign and sideload your own IPA files. Instead, you can access the offered database of pre-signed popular apps and games that can be installed on iPhone or iPad without using a computer.

This AppStore is packed with the best and latest versions of jailbreak tools including unc0ver, Odyssey, Chimera, Electra, Houdini, Yalu, Phoenix, h3lix, or rottlesJB. When you search for tweaked apps you can find here Spotify++, T-Tinder++, AppCake++, Cercube 5, Instagram Rhino, TikTok Unicorn, and much more.

From the Settings you can switch between dark and light mode, change the tint color, and also connect to a paid VIP server that offers better quality certificates that are not revoken as often as the free onces. Ignition did a great work creating this store. EonHub AppStore wors also for free on iOS 12 and iOS 13.

How to use EonHub AppStore on iOS

EonHub isn't an native iOS app, but it works instead directly in Safari browser. Because of that the store itself will no be revoked. Only installed apps can.

Step 1. Open EonHub AppStore in Safari browser.

Step 2. Navigate through available categories.

Step 3. Click Install button to sideload the app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EonHub safe?

Installing and using EonHub is absolutely safe and you can use the store for free. This platform with signed IPA files doesn't contain any malware software that can harm your device. Always install this kind of apps from a trusted source because tweaked apps can contain viruses.

Is EonHub free?

EonHub is completely free to download and use. All apps and games installed from EonHub AppStore are free as well. You don't need to pay for anything provided by the 3rd party AppStore for iOS. Install iOS apps or jailbreak tools on your iPhone for free.

Is EonHub available for Android?

EonHub is not available for Android users. If you see a website providing this AppStore for Android it's fake. EonHub was designed to work only with iOS firmware and it works with all devices supporting iOS 10 up to iOS 14. Android devices are not supported.

Do I need an Apple ID or jailbreak?

No, the 3rd party AppStore works without entering your Apple ID and password, and there is also no need to jailbreak your device. The only restriction of the EonHub app is that your device must be running iOS 10 or above.

Can I download hacked iOS games?

Yes, EonHub App is packed with the most popular hacked games for free. Be aware, that hacked games are illegal to download and you can get banned for cheating. For the moment there are only a few game hacks available. If a hack is not available try a different AppStore.

Why EonHub isn't working?

EonHub as all other stores uses a developer certificate to sign and install apps and games on your iPhone. Those certificates are monitored by Apple and they get often revoked. It means that you can't install or open apps until the developer provides a valid certificate.

How to fix EonHub?

If EonHub is not installing available apps on your device it's probably related to the certificate that was revoked by Apple. You can try to reinstall the apps or try to add a proxy that will allow you sometimes to run revoked apps on iOS below 13.3.