ElevationLabs announces TagVault: Pet AirTag holder for pet collars

Pets are so delicate, and as much as we love keeping them, playing with them, feeding them, we all fear losing them. Many owners today keep their home pets as their family members. Therefore, there are high chances, and if not taken off, the pets can move out and wonder and never be seen. None is prepared for such a loss; hence it is essential to make sure you have a solution to track them.

Well, if you are looking for one such tracker then ElevationLabs, has good news for you. ElevationLabs has launched TagVault: A waterproof Pet AirTag holder connected to the collars or harness for dogs. It is a tracking device for pets and can be used to know their real-time location. Know everything about this AirTag and how it is useful for pet owners in this article.

What is a TagVault?

TagVault is an amazing product recently launched by ElevationLabs. The name given to it is AirTag, and it is a water tag that can be used to find out the location of your pet on a real-time basis. Pet is a new AirTag mount that is intended to be used for tracking dogs, cats. ElevationLabs have claimed that it works with most collar thickened and is suitable for most common pets like dogs or cats.

It is going to be a revolutionary change, after all. As they will be the newly designed pairs, it will help the company get boosts from all pet owners.

The owner should only take care that the pet's weight should be over 101lbs for it to be used. The company is also of the opinion that their product works with all types of collars and there is no restriction of the width. However, to a certain extent, there is a limitation of what thickness collar it can be used on.

ElevationLabs, still gas, gave a rough figure that the tag works on the 0.20-inch thickness and is about 99% collar compatible. However, it won't work on doubled-up or leather studded collars which are extremely thick. The TagVault pet is available to pre-order, and it shall ship by July. It costs $19.95 when going for a single one and $34.95 for two collars, and straight $64.95 for four.

This is amazing, as owners shall not only get considerable discounts on buying more, but they get it for all their pets and not just one. ElevationLabs are taking Pre-orders for this waterproof AirTag. AirTag, meant for the use of human owners, is also available for pre-orders which they can keep on their keyrings. This TagVault keychain is $12.95 for one and $74.95 for eight.


TagVault by ElevationLabs is the most revolutionary product that most pet owners are looking for. Now you don't have to worry about your pet getting lost or pondering in the invisible till you have AirTag. AirTag is simple to use and can fit every dog, cats' collar. Available at an affordable price, get your pet an AirTag by ElevationLabs TagVault today!